PSA: Write Better Resources

Hi, I’m @RuizuKun_Dev!

I share your enthusiasm for the #resources category on the forum, but I’ve noticed some recurring issues that I believe need to be addressed. Let’s dive into them:


Prospective users are often interested in seeing how a resource works before deciding to use it. Providing images or videos that showcase the functionality of your resource can greatly enhance its appeal.

Why Use It?

When sharing a resource, it’s crucial to convey its value to potential users. Explain why they should consider integrating your resource into their game and highlight its benefits and advantages.

How to Use It?

One common expectation from users is clear instructions on how to utilize a resource. Make sure to provide detailed steps or guidelines on how to effectively implement and use your resource.


To cater to a wider audience, consider making your resource easily accessible in different formats. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Post the source code on GitHub or GistHub for mobile users and those interested in reviewing the code.
  • Provide an uncopylocked place to allow users to explore and understand how the resource functions.
  • Upload the resource as a model on Roblox, making it easy for users to import and utilize it in their projects.
  • Offer the resource in both .rbxl and .rbxm file formats, accommodating different user preferences.

These options address various user needs, including those who prefer not to download files to their PC or who want to examine the resource on mobile devices.

Lastly, I understand that you’ve had to repeat the same reply multiple times. To streamline the process, consider creating a template or standardized response that covers the key points you mentioned. This way, you can easily provide the necessary information without the need for repetitive manual input.

For an example of a resource thread that encompasses these suggestions, you can check out this Area Music Player Script.

I hope these suggestions help improve the quality and user experience of resource threads on the forum. Good luck with your future contributions!


Moved to Forum Feedback since this is not a development resource. Don’t misuse categories or you are contributing to the problem.


Why not add github to that

But what about .rblx files?