PSA: Write Better Resources

Hi, I’m @RuizuKun_Dev!

I have read a lot of Threads from the #resources category, not gonna lie it’s one of my favorite category above all else…

HOWEVER there are issues that I’d like to address:


  • People are interested in seeing what something does before getting it, provide Images/Videos to show how your Resource works

Why use it?

  • People want to know why they should put something foreign into their game, convince them how your Resource would be useful for them

How to use it?

  • People want to know how to use something before getting it, provide proper steps on how to use your Resource


  • Post the Source code on Github / GistHub for Mobile users
  • Have an Uncopylocked place
  • Upload the Resource as a Model to Roblox
  • Provide a rbxl and rbxm files

some people aren’t interested in taking the Model but they are curious of how it works
some people don’t have access to a PC or they prefer reading on their Tablet
some people prefer not to download something to their PC before verifying that it’s safe

I literally had to copy/paste the same reply over and over:

Take a look at this as an Example


Moved to Forum Feedback since this is not a development resource. Don’t misuse categories or you are contributing to the problem.


Why not add github to that

But what about .rblx files?