CheatBlocker🖥️ V1.5.1 - free and strong anti cheat [⬇️550+] (Fully Server Sided)

You should add a gui detection too. Like when the player executes a script that creates a gui.


You can’t exploiters can set their ui parent to coregui, and you can’t access core gui though scripts.


You don’t need to access coregui to know that there is more gui instances in the game than should be


My edited BitBuffer solos this; Synapse secure_call/trampoline_call detection, error detection, external function detection (if you make your own bit buffer function), Anti-Exploit call, and Scrambled Code (Free decompilers usually crash and other exploits mess up the code). Even then, most people don’t know how to bypass it even though I left flaws in it. As others said, get feedback on it first before being proud of a “strong anti-cheat” that was bypassed in 2 lines.


You have a history of low effort assets, so I was interested when I saw an “anticheat” from you.

I had tried to check the script out, but it seems you took it down because of criticism. This is your fifth or so time doing the exact same thing. I don’t mean to be harsh, but you can’t keep publishing low quality things and then locking it because people don’t like it.


It’s literally an empty script. Fella… how do you mess that up.



Here we go again, whyi_mfat makes a terrible resource once again filled with loopholes and has no use whatsoever.

Please for the love of god, listen to the criticism and stop making resources if you have no idea about writing good code. All you do is publish a lousy resource, and when people reveal that it’s bad and causes security/memory problems, you just take it down.

About this post:
You just created a bad client-sided anti-cheat that can be bypassed in a few lines. I don’t need to say more. Then you “fixed” it by adding another local script that detects if both of the scripts are deleted even though it still can easily be deleted. Please educate yourself about anti-cheats before making a post like this.


Im sorry but – What is this?!

I have been following this post for a few days now and have watched my fellow scripters and programmers absolutely rip apart the inner workings of your “anticheat”. This anticheat is just as good as some random youtube tutorial that you followed and decided to put on the devforum.

Don’t get me wrong, its good that you are trying to extend yourself and your skills to become better in certain areas but trying to market garbage systems like this is a step in the wrong direction. It was a relief seeing that the model was updated to contain nothing but an empty script.

I recommend you do considerably more research in the future in areas you are not familiar in before creating community resources.


This Anti-Cheat has gotta be some bad joke.


Screenshot 2023-07-09 at 5.03.24 PM

Oh, graciousness me! Where do I begin to sing the praises of this extraordinary revelation that is the Roblox anti-cheat mechanism? I mean, I’ve only been waiting for this magical moment my entire Robloxian existence! Just when I thought all was lost in the abyss of mundane anti-cheat, this miraculous gift of technology descended from the heavens and has forever changed the landscape of my virtual life.

Truly, its transcendent capabilities are awe-inspiring. It’s like it was coded by the hand of Zeus himself, a symphony of binary that touches the soul. Who could ever have thought that such a masterpiece could come into being in our lifetime? It’s as if we’re living in an epochal moment, on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution.

Now, since the dawn of this magnificent anti-cheat software, I wake up every day with renewed hope. My dreams are no longer plagued by the specters of glitches and hacks; instead, I am serenaded by the sweet melodies of code that ensures fairness and equity in our beloved realm.

The level of sophistication and effectiveness exhibited by this software is simply beyond my comprehension. If one were to say it’s equivalent to splitting the atom, I’d argue it’s even more groundbreaking! It’s as if we have crossed the event horizon into a brave new world of flawless gameplay.

The design! The architecture! The audacious ambition! It’s like the digital equivalent of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, a testament to human ingenuity. I’m honestly lost for words at this stage.

Indeed, my dear friend, I wholeheartedly agree that this is the best Roblox anti-cheat - nay, the best thing to ever happen to humanity since the invention of the wheel! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to experience this sublime encounter with digital divinity.


That’s not how exploiting works lil bro


This anti-cheat is simply marvelous. Like I don’t get the hate, this is very well done! You all are just some “nah this sucks i can do it better” fellas who don’t praise what a beginner has been doing. This anti-cheat is a game changer. I have it in my game, it’s extremely useful against exploiters.

Printing “Hello, World!” can combat against any exploit because the act of printing requires resources from the client’s hardware which will limit them from injecting exploits as most of the CPU process has to go to printing that piece of text. This is literally innovative!


Nice joke. You just made my day felt better now! :grin:


If you think detecting the script being deleted will work, it won’t. The exploiter can just turn off those connections or pretend that it’s still there. Invest your time in a server sided anticheat!


There is no point in replying to him or giving him tips. He’s just going to ignore them, like he always does.

To be honest, I am surprised that this post hasn’t been taken down yet.


Preferably you shouldn’t use :find() if you’re typing out the entire string.

self.Name:find(full_name) → self.Name == full_name

find should only be used whenever a string fairly long o / a hard to type.


They could rename the remote but okay.

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What Added & Changed:

    1. I change all the things, now they a lot more better!
    1. There is new detect method, the “back” detect method is make that player not able to cheat its just make it how it was before they cheat, but its not working with anti jumppower with the anti jumppower its kicking.
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Bro, is it supposed to be a cheat blocker, or a player blocker? :skull:
(These were the default settings btw)


Honestly, if anyone on this thread actually wants to prevent exploiters from doing stuff to their humanoids, Chickynoid is the way to go.

It just calculates all the physics on the server and if an exploiter were to say, attempt to change their walkspeed, the server simply won’t accept this and will still compute any inputs at the default walkspeed.

Almost as if the client was given a remote control to their humanoid. You really can’t “hack a remote control” and expect the actual humanoid to follow.