CheatBlocker🖥️ V1.5.1 - free and strong anti cheat [⬇️550+] (Fully Server Sided)

if you have this problem you can easily change the settings.
i will fix the default settings.

buy anyway i recommend you to use the detect method “back” you can change the detect method inside the settings.

EDIT: i think it was kicking you not because of problem in the default settings, you click play here and then you was in the air, so it was detect that you flying, you can disable it in the settings or make the time that you can in the air more time in the settings.


If this is a client cheat blocker then it is bypassable.

its not client anti cheat, there is only server script in this model.

It kicked me the second I joined, even when I spawned on the ground.

Bro, your anti-exploit kicks people for JUMPING.

This is with default settings and with the back detection method.


The loop will stop when the character is removed from the DataModel if I’m reading this correctly.

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It checks if character.Parent exists, which is in default cases workspace, so it will always keep running.

Not true, character.Parent would become nil after dying.

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Wait actually, wouldn’t it error because of “attempt to get property Parent of nil” or something?

The character isn’t nil, just the character’s parent. That causes the loop to stop. Once the loop stops, the references to character are cleared (at least I hope) and then the character is now nil.

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Maybe you’re right, can’t really test anything right now. Either way, the anti cheat is chaos and kicks you the moment you press play.

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I just tested it. It does not kick me. Works fine (I have it on the “back” mode).

I’d assume the problem you’re having is because one of your systems is delaying the game to load or making it slow down.

Tbh, i saw OP all the time with useless scripting inventions he made, while charging people for them

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What do you mean with one of my systems? I loaded a baseplate, inserted the script, pressed play and got kicked. I even tried to spawn on the ground, but still got kicked.

I did the same thing. The anti-cheat also doesn’t allow you to fall down.

Whoever wants a better anticheat, I made a sequel - NoCheat Xtreme. It’s way more powerful and doesn’t cause false positives at all!


Must be a direct competitor to CheatBlocker. We need a comparison video!


@WHYI_MFAT did you even test it out or you just left it as is without debugging LOL

Update V1.2!

What added & changed:

    1. now the anti jumppower working with the detect method “back” too.
    1. i fixed that it stuck you in the air, now you can’t be stuck in the air.
    1. now its doing and detect things faster.
    1. now the test mode print and warn only when the player cheat and not always.


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It’s great.