CheatShield - Server Sided Anti Cheat

Cheat Shield

Cheat shield is an anti-cheat I have started working on and I need feedback and suggestions to further continue the development and improvement of the anti-cheat.

Currently the anti-cheat contains:

  1. Anti-Fly
  2. Anti-NoClip
  3. Anti-Speed

All detections were scripted by me and are unique (I think)

Here is the showcase of these detections:




You can check out the anti-cheat here yourself:
Anti cheat place


You get kicked when you move into the red box. Instead of getting kicked for noclip you should move the player back to the spot they weren’t noclipping in.


Alright, will note that.

30 text

This doesn’t stop exploiting applications, and scripts checking values aren’t traps.

quick question, is this on the client?

You’re not detecting the executor itself, you’re detecting the code it executes, also these “traps” sound like normal server sided anti-cheat scripts that detect movement exploits such as noclip, fly etc.


I don’t care to argue with you. It seems we just have different names for the same thing. Have a great night!

Exploiters can just disable the script.

Mostly anti-cheat doesnt work 100% perfect some hackers know where script locate and disabled / delete script i think u should make it can’'t disabled and delete.

Nope, this is all server side!


Its not a local script, its server side

Again, this is all server side

Sir, please understand that player modify values on the client side, and it will not and never be replicated to the server side. also there arent many games having a 1000 currency limit

I came here to tell you

You can pass client value to the server, and then check if it different.
You can.

First of all, about the anti-cheat. I have no idea what to add so If you have suggestions please reply to this post :pray:
Secondly, no. You can’t edit values create BY THE SERVER on the client. This is quite literally impossible.


oh no, i thought that @p49p0 said that you cant check client values

cool, here is a tip for swim exploits, on the server you can listen to humanoid state changes.


Like someone else said, instead of kicking the player, teleport them back or change their speed back to normal.

Your method is good, however there is no guarantee that the player is actually exploiting. The player could have bad internet connection, and kicking them would not be ideal!

You should also try Anti-Teleport, if not already


you can. the only thing is the value is only seen by the client.

your reply isnt even relevant :skull: