CheatShield - Server Sided Anti Cheat

It’s not a good solution, exploiters can remove remote events so they won’t fire, or make them stop firing at all.

Remote event? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I use none I dont even have a local script everything is done on the server

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If I gave them a remote to mess with I’m sure they would try.

Well, this isnt a Remote Protected this is an Anti Cheat

As the suggestions said, instead of kicking with No-Clip and Speed I teleport them back!

This is false.
In terms of skill based cheats such as aimbot and skill based cheats, yes these can always get bypassed since they rely on software installed on yoru machine that makes sure you dont edit memory or your aiming does not looks weird

In terms of stuff like movement that is false, Server authoritative movement exists and its a model that patches movement cheats as it calculates the physics on the server. (No it doesnt delays as it uses a client simulation thats synched to the server to make movement feel responsive without having to wait back for the server’s result)

Its actually already made on roblox, check out chickynoid


Yep but that is a character replacement while this is an Anti Cheat

Because the concept of an anti cheat is not needed, why would you want to install a software that makes sure someone is not giving himself cash, instead of programming the code to make it so they cant give themselve’s cash, the same argument goes to everything

Simple as that

Anti cheats are not needed, final point.

Well, its not about giving money to yourself (which I dont know why you thought I added in the anti cheat because it absolutely serves 0 purpose) its about detecting exploits like fly, noclip speed and more to then punish the exploiter. Of course this will be temporary as they can hop on a new account but you can still remove all their progress.

to be fair you can collect a significant amount of data from their client such as: screen size, graphics level, mouse sensitivity etc and with that compare it to anyone who joins on a new account

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You just don’t fire the remote event. The exploiter will just come back the next time after they are banned and not fire it again.

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Yep, and all that can be spoofed by just giving false info!

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How can they come back when I have them listed in ban data now and will remove them on login.
Bring in a new player name I’ll ban that one too if the same thing is done.

They would make a new account.

And that one would, if they tried the hack again, get banned also.

Well they could bypass the ban somehow :man_shrugging:

Also this can be easily bypassed by not firing the remote

I’m not saying this is perfect. Really haven’t looked too deep into this yet. Nor do I really care to. It is interesting but without the permission level not going to get too far white hating anything. We are not the programmers that can fix this totally with no real access to program continuity.


no I mean collect it when they join and cache it, then if you do ban them send it to the server to be stored.

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i never said your exploit should detect other’s giving themselves cash, that is impossible because you would need to know how every game’s programming works. I was just making a point

Why let a player noclip on the first place and then check if he noclipped, its unefficient
Why let a player be able to run faster and then check if he ran faster and send him back?

Why not just make that not possible, instead letting it happen and then undoing the damage

And yes I know this isnt possible to stop with the normal roblox character movement, because it trustes the client with its own physics, thats why I showcased chickynoid because it calculates your physics on the server and client to make it feel responsive while the server has the actual ownership.

(I am not saying your anti cheat is bad tho, im just saying devs should be more encouraged to secure their code instead)