[CHECK DISCORD] PolyWars! Strategic Wargame

(TOPIC PAUSED - This topic will not be updated in a while, however, the projet is being updated daily in our discord server!)

My name is Megalodox, I am the game designer and funder of the project PolyWars.
I will be presenting my project to you, thank for for listening!
We focus on making a tactical, strategic, cross-platform war game of perfection.
It’s directly inspired by Polytopia and Clash of Clans, aspects given by Territorial.io and Total Accurate Battle Simulator.
With the Core of a simple but intellegent gameplay of wars between allies, enemies, ministers and colonists. In our game, we push the limit of sandbox imagination higher than ever on Roblox in the strategy domain.
The most important aspect is conveniency, which is valued at the top.
Pure experience of an unforgettable warfield.
We will be aiming for full functionality and detailed artworks.
Our mission is to bring two individual and amazing concepts together, into a brand new experience. Welcome to PolyWars.

Current version : 1.0
We aim for low-poly creations with the top tier quality and an extreme simplicity.
Update 1.0

Vehicle Packs

Infantry Weapons


Continental Plates

Local Matchmaking -> Server Matchmaking (Soon)

Update 1.1

Colored Vehicles

Another Plane - Eurofighter Typhoon

Update 1.2

Set of planes

Update 1.3

All Mobilized Vehicles Finished

Update 1.4

Unit avatar cosmetics

Update 1.5

All basic models (Not revamped)

Update 1.6

Homepage Lobby

  1. Is high low-poly good for minifigures?
  • 100%. Low-poly is perfect for this project.
  • 80%. Low-poly works very well, but it needs more details.
  • 60%. Low-poly or/and our creations are not good enough.
  • 40%. Low-poly isn’t as good as [___] and our creations are too bland.
  • 20%. Low-poly is way worse than [___].
  • Pick this if you have no opinion.

0 voters

  1. Which option for the view of the map for players is the best? (Not POV)
  • Undiscovered tiles will be covered with fog, once discovered, becomes visible for the whole game. (Like PolyWars and Boom Beach)
  • Undiscovered tiles will be covered with fog, once discovered, becomes visible for a while and gets covered up again if the vision is lost.
  • All tiles are discovered upon joining the match, but the informations (For example if enemies made a oil rig) will not update until you have them in your vision. Once the you have lost their vision, the map you see would be the map before you lost the vision, which means, outdated.
  • Choose this if you would like to suggest another possibility on this topic.

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  1. Shall there be storage limits?
  • No. You can gather as much as you can.
  • Yes, you must craft storage tanks once your storage runs out. You will lose the resources inside when it gets destroyed. (VERY ANNOYING)
  • Pick this if you have another suggestion.

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  1. Detailed, complex 3D terrain or generally flat terrain.
  • Very detailed and stereo, with precisely generated canyons, cliffs and alps.
  • Stereo, but stays quite blocky. Less detailed but some landscapes are still recognizable.
  • Flat, maybe with a few slopes

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  1. Have biome weathers or not? (Note: We won’t spam sandstorms anyways)
Biome weathers?
  • Yes.
  • Yes, but only end game.
  • Yes, but pure decor.
  • No.

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  1. Your opinion on structure diversity? (Note: We will not make things complicated, for example separating car factory with plane factory, but however, we do want to know whether if you guys likes diversity and lots of options)
Structure type diversity
  • I like seeing a lot of options, I feel creative
  • I like seeing a lot of options, but they must be USEFUL and not pure decor
  • I don’t like seeing too much of options, I find it pointless
  • I like seeing a lot of options as long as they are easily understood and played with
  • I think diversity makes the game look professional and attractive
  • I think having 5 tanks that looks different but have similar statistics is stupid

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This is my second major project, with a precise and professional planning + designing file to explain everything. DM me if you would like to see them.
Special thanks to @NOTSOG00DGAMER, @Qinrir and @happyrobloxgirl98.
If you’re interested for any kind of partnership, feel free to contact me on discord: Unit#1727 or PM me!
I will be adding more polls and updates, if possible, daily. Thank you for your time and contribution to PolyWars! :smiley:


I think low poly is great for this project also it’d be kinda hard to change it now haha, its literally in the name


We could make it realistic, but as you see, a cross platform game especially with thousands of individual units spawning, we can’t make it super detailed. Thanks for replying!


Of course man, before I saw your project I wasn’t really into the whole strategic unit spawning game genre, but I think youve got me hooked!

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We’re trying to be as player-friendly as possible to any community.

  1. We keeps our system as easy as possible, anyone would be able to start having fun without much fustruation. We will have a short tutorial for very young or new Robloxians.
  2. Noobs will be able to win as well. In a FPS game, there’s chances if you can’t aim, you’ll die millions of times and get 0 kills in a round. In a game that’s totally different to ours but also strategic, Rise Of Nations, when I was a noob, I spent hours and still failed to finish the tutorials. In our game, you could legit win by just crafting random units, putting them into random squadrons and attack random enemies. But of course, pros would counter for example your huge army of infantries with splash artilery or trenches filled with MGs.
    We promise that anyone on any working devices can manage to achieve something by the end of every match.

Actually, I think the weapons and soldier classes are too much.
You can make it more primitive(the only gun is a musket) like bows, spears and swords. it gives me battleship vibes and I think it will be more engaging.

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For the vehicles the same is applied, boats, horses, cannons, etc…

Probably to late to change though.
(Oops, should have edited the first msg)

Every kind of troop have a few variation of weapons/vehicles.
We love TABS, therefore we would like to have a good amount of different troops to make it truly strategic and diversified. If it’s all muskets, a person with 10K materials will win easily against a person with 6K.
But in our game, sometimes a few units chosen correctly can counter a whole army. Keep in mind, we have an armor system as well.
(All units can shoot planes but some can barely hit, I hate games with only anti-air units that can shoot down planes)

I get what you meant, same game, same idea, but medieval units? We thought about it before, but it seems like most people prefers modern warfares over swordfights, sadly.
I asked my friends and Robloxians before, they all hated medieval games. I love Mordhaul style a lot, but that would be for my next project or a special gamemode/event in PolyWars.
Our units are from 1914-2022. We could include a few 2045 or 1850 styled units.


Just do an costum loading screen when you join another server. (matchmaking)

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It would be very alike to Bedwars by easy.gg. Same quality, same system, just with a bit different UIs .

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It is only my opinion, many people will enjoy this.
For me, it seems too complicated without tutorials, and most people skip through them,(sadly, they don’t realize they are ruining their own fun).

Understand your point of view, you all are aiming for the majority.

PS-For unskippable tutorials this is not an issue.

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It’s gonna be simpler than you think.
For example in TABS, you just gotta select and click.
Your guys will fight, they’ll do good, but you might not win. So you’ll test it again.
We will have a video tutorial on Youtube used as our banner of the game though, don’t worry.

Looks very promising. I can always trust Megalodox to do strange or dumb behavior on the forum 80% of the time and then come around with something that’s great. I just hope it doesn’t end up like Rise Of Nations where you have to do 50 different metas just to stand a chance against anything. basically, please don’t overcomplicate it! I’ve seen so many fun games turn to trash once gameplay metas become more important than fun

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Yup :laughing:

Ok! From what I’ve learned from Polytopia and TABS, a game could be very strategic and diversified with the simplest system and UI. We will try our best!

To be honest, I generally think low-poly is kinda basic and simple compared to the Roblox built-in materials. It might look ugly and childish for a war game. But, that’s just my opinion. It’s also good for low optimized games because it lacks textures giving more fps to the client.

Though, if you follow through making a low-poly game, one of my pet peeves is when someone goes overboard with low-poly. Adding, all these unnecessary curvature and curves, making it look more like plastic rather then Lego. (Look at image for reference.) But that just might be my bad taste in art.

Can you see the over-existing crisis in the images?



We’ll make the colors and quality decent enough for a serious game. Mostly brown, gray, green and black. Polytopia and TABS uses low poly and it stays very appealing. I understand that maybe if it looked like Battlefield 5 it would be more revolutionary, sadly, we’re not yet a company.
PS: I’ve seen the first image on Fiverr before, is it your gig? :hushed:


No, I’m more of a beginner scripter. I just took the images from Google to compare the differences, of what I don’t like and don’t like.

Very cool concept though, I’m very hooked on your posts about this game and I wish the best for this game in the future! :smiley: :sunglasses:

Also, don’t give up on your dream, it might seem very frustrating at first, but it’ll get better in the second half. :100:

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if this is a game intended to be played only in third person like a 4X grand strategy those models are excessively detailed, the amount of tesselated versus textured surfaces are too much for how distant the camera would be. For example, would the player really need to see all those tris in the landing gear of a tiny aircraft, or those hundreds of vertices in that glock-ish model? from the games you listed as inspiration, a handgun barely distinguishable by the player could be done in ~20 vertices with clever texturing.

From your screenshots it looks like someone was toying with the idea of hexagonal prism tiling instead of cubic – that’s the modern way to go imo. Every newer grand strategy or turn-based graph combat game that I’ve played as of late has, to my memory, used hexagonal prisms. Just a more interesting look and I find it more immersive than how binary cubic tiles feel.

Again, with the distance of the players’ camera I may still not understand – making the “Unite” models an R15 rig may get quite costly in scale as compared to an R6 rig, when from so far away the player shouldn’t mind simpler modeling and animations.

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We’ve thought of it before. But our game is way too combative for that. It’s not a board game, it’s Clash of Clans + TABS. Nearly chaotic, if we didn’t add strategic aspects. You’ll see once we update a vid.
Thanks a lot for replying though!