Check Internet Connection - Global Server Crashing Bug

Good afternoon developers, I am looking for some help from my fellow developers who are or have been experiencing issues with the Check Internet Connection - Bug that has been shutting down full servers with all players recieving this kick message.

Details From The Beginning

So to give some details here. Approximately 2 - 3 days ago, I was informed via a third party app that my games servers were randomly shutting down giving multiple people the “Check Internet Connection” message. This was consistently happening within the first 10-20 minutes of the servers startup time.

Details about current ongoing issues.

Within 10-20 minutes from the time of server startup this happens. The games server kicks all the players, and gives the “Check Internet Connection” kick message.
I have tried reducing player count, creating a new roblox experience file, nothing has worked or changed.

Roblox Support Emailing

I emailed Roblox Support and they ensured me that they have fixed this issue on roblox.
After the emails it continues to happen. When I responded to them, they sent me a copy and paste message unrelated to my issue. The horrors of Roblox Support is another issue but I will leave that out of this post.

This issue is happening in every single server within 10 - 20 minutes of the new server being created.
I need to know if anyone else is having these issues or if anyone has found a solution around this.
I have already lost concurrent, revenue and return players ( as well as my place on the Vehicle Simulation category of the front page because of this bug. )

Showing the average of visit length with bug.

Email ( Claimed it was fixed. )

Server Crashing Showcased On Video

Check Internet Connection: Global Server Crashing Bug (Showcase) - YouTube


I am experiencing a similar issue. My players often complain about being disconnected and it ruins the gameplay. I myself have been disconnected a few times randomly, despite having solid wifi with 250+mbps download speeds and no data interruption. It seems to kick several players from the server and not shut down entire servers, however I do occasionally notice a significant drop in player count just a few seconds apart (maybe 20-25% of players are dropped from the game by looking at the Developer Stats).

This is the error code players are receiving.

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Have you investigated common sources of server crashes beforehand? Often this is just caused by bad code (i.e. running out of memory). Have you tried reverting any recent updates?

Also this does not belong in website bugs… Or the root bugs category…

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I had not updated the game for a few days. This bug started randomly around the time that roblox realized people across the platform were experiencing this bug.

They believe they fixed that bug, but some games seem to still have issues relating to it.
I believe that is what is happening to my game.

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I have been experiencing this issue, as well. I believed it was a problem with my computer until I saw this thread.

Ive been experiencing this bug but its only on one game that game being Midnight Racing Tokyo its a very annoying bug one minute im getting money to buy a new car the next i disconnect! And as stated in the post this happens to everyone in the server.

I thought I was alone on this. For the past few days, I’ve been getting ping spikes and disconnected multiple times from a few games. I thought it was my firewall, but the only domain I blocked was I did notice a new thing called “Ping Reducer 500” in my firewall rules.

It must new or something, because I can’t find any results when I search it, and I’m pretty sure it’s related to roblox since it has the same protocol and port range as roblox does.
Blocking it’s internet access did help a little bit with the disconnects, so it might be the cause, but it’s just a hunch.

There are definetly a few RAKNET server crash exploits, as well as other Server Crashing exploits which are unpatched by Roblox.

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My issue is every game server is crashing.
I have a channel dedicated to posts from players in a third party app and players post when the servers crash to help me keep track.

It is every server that most or all get the Check Internet Connection kick message.

With a variety of different people. Which leads me to believe it is not an exploit that is happening. Due to the consistency of this issue.

I know you mentioned that you believe it is not an exploit but,

Assuming that your game is the game in that video, do your vehicles use A-Chassis?

They are on a customized version of A Chassis.

Also if that is the root cause, do you know of a script like an anti exploit that detects for someone trying to abuse A Chassis to shutdown servers, which I don’t believe it is because the output had nothing besides Adonis alerting me game shutdown / kicked on the disconnect. So I am going to check and see if adonis is maybe broken and causing issues or not.

Hello, thanks for the report! We filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll come back to you with updates when available! Thanks.


dont you think that looks more like a virus?

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I thought I found the issue, but then it continues to crash. So its still an issue.

This symptom can happen when the server experiences a crash. If you provide links to affected places, we can check server crash logs to see if there are any commonalities (e.g. running out of memory).

this is the place that keeps crashing every server crashes within 30 minutes

Hi @RobDevz,

It does look like Halifax, Bus Simulator is crashing due to running out of memory. Servers are allowed to use ~ 6GB of memory and I see this place often exceeds this, and it happens quickly (within 30 minutes like you said). Upon closer inspection it looks like the bulk of the memory is used in Signals, it could be a memory leak. You can use Developer Console to help you diagnose/debug further.

Thank you for letting me know. We have found the root cause of the memory surge actually just a few moments ago. This helps a lot as well thank you.


Hello, here is another game that is experiencing this issue.