Chef Section Helper Guide For Chicken N' Dough

Chef Section Helper Guide For Chicken N’ Dough

You are to use this guide when testing your assigned trainee.

Adorations! I am (Your name here), and I will be testing you today!

Please do not hesitate to ask questions.


Helpers/Testers are to ask for 3 food items. They are to receive the exact order and have handed the food.

You will be making 3 food items for me. I will give you 3 food items and after you make them you will hand them back to me.

You have 5 minutes to finish my request.

Are you ready to start?

Ask them to make a pizza and a chicken entree and a side

You have a total of 5 minutes to make me a Pepperoni pizza, Chicken Burger, and fries. Start now.

(You can help them out with where the food is or what they are missing. DO NOT GUIDE THEM.)

After they seem to be done and hand you the food then you can…

If the trainee can give you 3 food items you can copy their username and then you can tell them.
You have passed the training! Please wait here until you are ranked. Once you are ranked you are free to go.

If the trainee failed you can tell them that they did not pass. Tell them to leave or they will be kicked.
You have failed the training. You can try again next time. Please take the time to write down the info next time.