Chef Section Teacher Guide For Chicken N' Dough

Chef Section Teacher Guide For Chicken N’ Dough

Adorations! I am (Your name here), and I will be your teacher for this section!

Once again, please note that all information will be important!

Please do not speak during this time! It may distract others!

We will go over info such as how to make food, the recipes, how to hand food, how to claim the order and greet the customer.

We will also have a hard cooking test so make sure you listen and possibly write down what I say.

Let’s start with how to make food.

The system is fairly easy to use.

With enough practice, you will soon be making so much food.

Foods are easy to make since all you need to do is grab the raw food, cook it then place it in a wrapper, bowl or paper box.

To get raw food go to the fridge and open it then click on the foods.

After you either fry or grill it.

Salad is easy to make as all you need is lettuce and a few vegetables.

To get pie you simply just click on it.

I will now tell you the recipes, make sure to write these down because this will help you.

  • Raw Chicken Wings → grill/fryer → wrapper → sauce if wanted = chicken wings

  • Raw Chicken Tenders-> fryer → wrapper → sauce if wanted = chicken tenders

  • Raw Chicken Nuggets-> fryer → wrapper → sauce if wanted = chicken nuggets

  • Raw Chicken Patty → grill → buns → wrapper → Sauce if wanted = chicken burger

  • Raw Fries → fryer → wrapper → Sauce if wanted = fries

  • Raw Sweet Potato Fries → fryer → wrapper → Sauce if wanted = sweet potato fries

  • Mug → tea flavor → hot water = tea

  • Pizza dough → Pizza Sauce → toppings → Pizza oven = pizza

  • Bowl → Lettuce → toppings = salad

To get foods such as pies simply just click on the food.

Now, we’ll talk about handing food.

To give a player food, simply type their username in the box on the right bottom side of your screen.

Try to type the player’s entire username, Including capitalizing! You can type the first 4 letters if it is a unique username.

The customer will get a notification if they want the item you give them. Make sure not to abuse!

You get 1 point after they accept the item from you.

Now with the pie that you have hand it to me like the way I told you about.

Included with handing food you must greet the customer.

Once you claim the order on the board you saw in the last section you will see a pop-up on your screen.

You will see the full order on the pop-up.

After you are done cooking you simply click the button one time and then you will get arrows to the customer.

Customers can’t leave the place so it will be easy to find them.

Once you find them you are to greet them.

You don’t ask what they want but you thank them that they ordered.

An example could be “Hello, I am the chef who made your food. Please enjoy.”

After you say that you hand the food and return to the kitchen.

If the customer does not accept the food the first time, try again and after if they don’t accept that just walk back to the kitchen.

Don’t waste your time with customers who don’t want to accept food.

End of information

Ask them if they have any questions

Trainees, do you have any questions?

If no one has questions start the final test

Chef Section End

If possible please ask the helpers to go to the same trainee they were assigned. If they don’t have the same person or forgot who they had just assigned them to someone else.

Helpers will be able to test the trainees. Tell the helpers to find a person, make sure they aren’t fighting over someone. If there are more helpers than trainees then randomly choose a helper for the trainees.

Make sure the helpers have the guide.

After the trainees are failed or passed by the helpers, you can kick the ones who do not comply. After the trainees who failed are kicked, you can copy the usernames from the passed trainees and rank them to rank 3 in the discord. If you need help to rank people in discord please ask the SHR Team.