Chicken N' Dough Cashier Section Helper Guide

Cashier Section Helper Guide For Chicken N’ Dough

You are to use this guide when testing your assigned trainee.

Adorations! I am (Your name here), and I will be testing you today!

Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Before we go any further let me tell you that if you do not pass this test you will not be moving forward to the chef section.


Helpers/Testers are to ask for 1 order. They are to check for a greeting and check if the trainee put the correct food items on the order.

You will pretend I am a normal customer and you will submit an order for me, make sure to have a greeting.

Are you ready to start?

(Note for helpers: Get them to make 1 order and make sure the stuff you asked for was correctly added. Make sure they ask for sauce and toppings if you didn’t tell them.)

After the order test go onto the troll test.

Now we will move on to the trolling test.

I will act and behave like a troller, I would like to see you use the warning system as I told you about.

Are you ready to start the troll test?

Start to troll

Make sure that the trainee pretend calls a mr+

If the trainee can give you 3 warnings for real reasons and they passed the greet/ordering test you can tell them to wait for further instructions.
You have passed the cashier section, please wait for further instructions.

If the trainee failed something then you can go ahead and tell them that they are “dismissed”.
You have failed the cashier section, you are dismissed. Please leave the game or else you will be kicked.