China message on game loading screen when starting Play Solo followed by all HTTP requests breaking

I’ve attempted to search for this issue throughout the dev forum and online to the best of my ability, but couldn’t find anything, so I decided to make my own post. This interesting message appeared randomly on the default Roblox loading screen today when I pressed ‘Play Solo’ in Studio,

Once the message appears, most services in Studio seem to fail. This bug originated in a local file, but I did attempt to publish it to this place here to see if the message would go away and services would work again without having to close Studio:

it didnt

The services that fail are listed below and happen 100% of the time; most seem to throw back forbidden errors:

  • Publishing a local file to a place will throw an error and failure message but seems to publish still? I hit ‘Play Solo’ after publishing and the place thumbnail/name did load, so I cannot say whether publishing is successful or not. The load screen message still appears and Studio is broken regardless.

  • Datastores will fail and throw a 403 error in Play Solo only.

  • Toolbox does not give results anymore when trying to load anything in your inventory.

  • Game Settings will break as nothing loads/is clickable and throws back three warnings in Output.

  • If it is Play Solo and the place is unpublished, animations will fail to load (yes, the animations are under my account). Animations only load if the place is published or if it’s not Play Solo.

I’ve had the place up all day but didn’t interact with it until just recently. It wasn’t until after a couple of short Play Solo sessions that the message started to appear. I don’t have any repro steps unfortunately other then to click ‘Play Solo’ and “hope” the message appears, as this message randomly occurs (and rarely too). Once the message does occur, it will continue to appear on the loading screen 100% of the time in Play Solo and “break” services. Local testing doesn’t show the message and seems to be unaffected. The only way to get rid of the load screen message and issues listed above is to re-open the place. This has happened to me twice already, first being around the first week of February, this being the 2nd time (around 10:56 PM EST on 2/22/2020). So I’d say the issue occurs about 3-5% so far…?

I can confirm that this has also happened to my friend randomly during one of his tests in ‘Play Solo’ on the 15th. After the message appeared the first time, it would appear 100% of the time in Play Solo and exhibit the outcomes listed above. The only way he fixed it was by re-opening the place. He does not use a VPN.

I’m not using the Player Emulator. I do use a VPN and had it on at the time of the bug occuring. The only plugin I have activated is Model Resizer Plugin 2.1 by DaMrNelson, and I can confirm this is not the result of a plugin as my friend who experienced this does not have that plugin installed. Nothing in my place alters the loading screen or interacts with ReplicatedFirst, and this isn’t place specific since I’m not the only one that experienced this.

Roblox Studio version is 0.420.0.383960 (64 bit)


i recived that aswell when roblox was having connectivity issues.

this appears to be a “beforehand” symptom of roblox internet seziures.


Why you received a China message, the message is the translated version which is shown to all Chines games. very interesting.


I got the exact same message today when testing my game. I have no idea what triggered it or where it came from - I’ve never seen it before either.


Alot of people got it. Me myself too, I asked others and they had it too. We thought its because of a plugin


I also just started getting this message when testing playing my game. I removed it by heading over to the Testing section and opening up the ‘Player Emulator’ and resetting the region to ‘United States’. This seems to temporarily remove the message and what it entails.


So, if I’m correct, this is like a PSA in China that is bannered before playing every game? Culture shock. That’s actually wholesome.
And due to it being imperative that it be there, the Roblox loading is likely defaulted to that initially so that, in the event localization is compromised, as with you, they are over the safe bar some places rather than under it for China.


This also happened to me in Studio, It pops up when I go offline mode & play test.


Assuming it’s possibly a critical script for the loading thing, thus the errors. But why use this message for the China versions?

Just, I am (in) confusion. Can someone clarify what this is suppose to be?

(edit: forgot to edit after receiving info from lexidog. Edited after 2 years)


That message is required to show at some point in every game in China. Also, it’s not meant for hacked or pirated versions of studio and shouldn’t ever pop up outside of China anyway.


I appeared when I joined bee swarm simulator aswell

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I think it has something to do with this:


Tried that, seems to do no service failing.
EDIT: Is the message suppose to stop players from joining or just there when they’re subject to China policies?

I got this too, I kept missing my chance to snag a image of it, but whenever I had connection problems I would see this message pop up for a split second, I am no way involved with the policy system atm as my games are not done yet, so this happens on any studio game it seems, nor do I use any external programs while playing, it freaked me out like crazy when I kept seeing it.

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It seems any game/game provider service that operates in China has to show this exact message (picture below shows steam, showing the exact same message)

The confusing question still remains as to the why it showed in the first place if you’re not based in China/developing for the Chinese market which still needs investigating as I also received the same message. If you’re based in China or have set your language to China it may have triggered the display.