Chocoblox Factory Tycoon - Update 32

Update 32 is here!

Update 32

This update includes the first quests of Victor’s questline, charms, and more!

Winter Event Removed

  • Rewards for participating based on how many Icy and Victor quests were completed
  • The Molten Monster has been taken back to the planet Venus
  • Map returned to normal
  • Slight map changes


  • Tycoon prices entirely revamped, rebirth requirements included
  • Crystals are now worth 25 cash
  • Exchanging no longer multiplies based off of networth, networth may be removed in a future update
  • New recipes for cookies, Brown Sugar has been added
  • UI overhaul, the UI used is the one designed for the v1.0 update, decided to add it into the current game

Other Stuff

  • Abbreviate currency setting
  • Character limit for tycoon name added

Victor’s questline

Victor’s questline is here, but just the first 5 quests. The quest requirements include cash, cocoa, and crafting, and the quests that will be added later will include more! Once you complete your fifth quest, you will get a Bronze Money Charm.


Charms are a new feature that give permanent benefits. They are tiered, the higher the tier, the better the benefit. Right now, Money Charms are the only charms and give you a cash multiplier. It currently goes from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and then Diamond. You can earn one through the Winter Event rewards, or by doing Victor’s quests.

Update 32.5

Update 32.5 includes the rest of Victor’s questline, uses for items, skip crafting, and other things that weren’t added in Update 32.


  • Rebirth requirements revamped
  • Player settings save
  • New icons for gifting and settings
  • Boosts UI rework, all boosts now cost robux
  • Cash boost multiplier is now x1.25

Other Stuff

  • TP to tycoon in Teleport
  • Uses for Dough, Sugar, and Brown Sugar

Victor’s questline (6-20)

The rest of Victor’s questline is here! There are different types of quest requirements, such as rebirthing and using items! Completing the 10th quest gives a Silver Money Charm, completing the 15th quest gives a Golden Money Charm, and completing the 20th quest gives a Diamond Money Charm! The Diamond Money Charm quests are very hard, the 20th quest requires you to have rebirthed 5 times!

Update 32.5 will be the last update before v1.0, I’m gonna be very strict about not having any more updates before v1.0.

View the full update log: Chocoblox Factory Tycoon Changelog