Chocoblox Factory Tycoon - Update 39 (v1.2) - Final Update

The Final Update.

Update 39 (v1.2) is a major update, adding in new content and features and improving on some more things. It will be the final major update in Chocoblox Factory Tycoon’s development.

New Content

More Areas
There are now more areas in the game. After the Level 10 area (areas also have names! This area is called Waterfall), you’ll go up a hill to the Meadow (Level 15). You’ll climb your way up the newly added mountain and find all the new content that awaits!
More Chests
Speaking of the new content on the mountain, there are more chests! You can find a crystal chest, a dark chocoblox chest, a white chocoblox chest, and a gold chocoblox chest at the top of the mountain!
More Droppers
More areas means more droppers. The KubeX brand now has a store in Rocky Rise, the Level 20 area. A new brand has come to town with a new gimmick! Meet Quantux, the final brand. Quantux machines are able to compress chocoblox, so you can fit more chocoblox in one space! Each “level” of droppers has more compression, so you’ll get even more chocoblox! At the top of the mountain lies the Quantux Advanced store, where the two best droppers await, one for both floors…

Crystalization and the Crystal Caverns


Crystalization is a new feature that’s supposed to help players earn more crystals later on in the game. Chocoblox now has a chance to be crystalized. When crystalized chocoblox is sold, it gives crystals based on how much chocoblox you have.
Day-Night cycle
There’s now a day-night cycle! At night, chocoblox has a 5x chance to be crystalized! There’s also new music!

The Crystal Caverns

Anyone remember the crystal collecting feature in beta CFT? It’s back in a new area! Go to the Crystal Caverns once you reach Level 25 so you can collect all the crystals!


Rebirthing has made it to v1.0 CFT, and it’s much better than it was in beta! When you reach the requirements needed, you can prestige (rebirth). When prestiging, your tycoon is reset, your droppers and bags are deleted, and you have to restart. However, each prestige you earn gives you 5 prestige tokens, which can be used in a shop to buy perks. These can range from cash multipliers to getting teleport for free!

Other Stuff

  • Map improvements
  • Leveling XP requirements changed
  • Made Charlie—SwiftGen droppers cheaper
  • Teleporting to all areas
  • Bag UI overhaul
  • And more!

And it is here that the story of Chocoblox Factory Tycoon comes to a close. I might come back to it a few times just to release some patch/minor updates, but none too major to make it Update 40. It’s been a really crazy journey for me. All the updates and events I’ve made, the friends I made. The day when Chocoblox Factory Tycoon went to v1.0, and now this. I would continue developing, but it’s been far too long now, and I need to move on. Thank you to everyone who has joined me along this journey.

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