Chocolate Bar Tycoon - Possible Feedback & Future Improvements

Hey everyone,

I am seeking feedback of my Roblox experience. Today was my creations release, and although I was excited, I was more worried that the sponsors wouldn’t contribute to much in the long run. I ran 1,000 Robux in sponsorships today [out of a budget of 100,000 Robux]. I’m still letting the sponsorship finish it’s course, and we’ll see what happens.

I recently made a Developer Post seeking assistance in advertising, from which @Clxzed helped in. But now I’m more looking in the direction of gameplay suggestions or modifications that my Roblox experience can improve on.

:link: - Chocolate Bar Tycoon 🍫 - Roblox

Thanks, and I look forward from hearing back from someone :slight_smile:


The game is a great concept but when I collect the chocolate, it has a very weird delay! Maybe its just a feature!

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That’s pretty weird. We’ll look into it.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Great game! In my opinion, its one of the best looking tycoon games haha!

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I’ve gotten loads of feedback that seems to be positive. Which is a good sign, we’ll hopefully start rolling out our main-stream advertisements soon.

Great! When you do, this will be a game with tons of people

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