Circus Trip - update log #1

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re listening. Keep it up! Y’all are doing awesome work.

We have currently compiled a list of all the known bugs so far and we’ll be addressing all of them for the next few weeks! Keep in mind, we are just 2 developers, we are working as fast as we can!

Here are some of the currently known bugs:

• game dialogue repeats itself based off player count at the start of the game

• game characters can merge together inside dialogue UI

• screen shakes endlessly after damaging clown

• bacon kid can walk into a wall and never get to the park shed at the game’s end

• once the counselor reaches the waterfall the invisible wall never gets removed

• your walkspeed never changes from 0 after giggles is talking when the firehoops obstacle starts

• player invites in the lobby dont work

• happy ending still doesnt work

• Not all translations show up; our localization table is missing some lines after we finished the game.

• both the giggler and the kid can fall into the abyss at the game’s end

• the buses can wait for teleportation infinitely on very rare occasions

• other characters can take over some people’s dialogue real example: the ranger that saves you says: bye and thanks for the help mister ranger

• respawn gamepass doesn’t always work

• free gamepass whitelist doesn’t always work

• dialogue doesn’t always render


• players who sit before being teleported, don’t get teleported. this is some humanoid/seat caveat which I tried to address, but still happens.
We have added failsafes for this issue, and you should be re-teleported if the first attempt didn’t work!

• Lightning is now slightly more performant. You should be far more less likely to get your local lighting stuck after the thunderstorm ends, and less lag spikes. If there are still lag spikes, please let us know on our group wall!

• The start of the game’s dialogue has been slowed down so you have more time to read

• More lanterns have been hidden across the camp. There are now 3 instead of 1!

• Wolves have now been significantly nerfed! Their attack radius along with walkspeed and damage have been reduced

• Text should no longer repeat itself after the thunderstorm

• Optional spectating gamemode will be added eventually
• Once all the bugs are fixed: If you own a VIP server, you will be able to skip to whichever stage you want in the game*

See next update here: Circus Trip - update log #2

More fixes will be coming soon.
Thank you for your interest in Circus Trip!!!


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