Circus Trip - update log #2

Hi everyone, thank you for your patience!

The community has been very vocal about their eagerness to play the game while it was under maintenance. The game was shutdown a while longer due to a blackout occurring at where I live, so I was unable to update the game for a few hours.

The community has been very vocal about maintenance, so I had shortened the amount of planned maintenance time in response to that.

Anyways, now that that’s out of the way… What are the new updates?


• The game’s introduction has a new set of dialogue which appears based off the server’s playercount. The dialogue addresses a frequently asked question about the story.

• The Revive feature has been completely rewritten so that it’s less buggy.

• Circus trip’s Ending has been updated so that it’s less confusing.

• The Credits screen has been updated to look more appealing.

• More failsafes in case your character doesn’t get teleported to the next stage.

• Happy Ending has been fixed.

• Fully translated game in all featured languages so far ( 9 I think)
• Lobby revamp
• More bug-fixes and performance improvements
• Fully functioning total wins global leaderboard
• Spectate feature
• Proper VIP Server support: skip to whatever stage you want if you own a VIP server.

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Thank you for your interest in Circus Trip!


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