[CITY ISLAND MAP] Please rate this map design!

Hello Forum!
I’m back, this time with an innovate design of the map, simpler, more original and organized.
If you want to see my 1.0 design, here’s the link: :desert_island: Giant City Map feedback?

Right, here’s my general game idea.
:cityscape:It’s a city/military RP game, keep in mind it’s not a gang war or FPS game. :man_police_officer:t2:
I’m really hoping for some suggestions on the composition of the map or more building designs.

Thank you a lot!


I need replies and suggestions please!
Anything will be appreciated

Looks like a good layout, except the dark market is a bit close to the police, I don’t think that it should be there. Also, might want to make sure that you are allowed to make a casino in game.

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If you switch up the Crim base with the Storage. And the National Park with the dark market I would say you have a very good map.

I only suggest this as the ‘police’ centred features are pretty much next to the ‘criminal’ based features

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Thanks for your replies! The dark market is like a secret base in the jungle, it’s not meant to be super big, just a store and a hangout for criminals.
Don’t worry! The casino isn’t a gambling place, it’s seriously just a place where you can rob and spin prize wheels.

I would still put the dark market near the nuclear plant, at the base of the volcano. And still triple check if adding the casino is OK, may still be taken incorrectly. As for spinning prize wheels, that definitely could be seen as gambling.

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No, it’s a chance/luck :four_leaf_clover: mini game, I think most games have this feature, their chests are always based on luck and represented as a spinner/picker.

Oh wait nvm, just checked the tos again and you are fine as long as you don’t use real money, robux, or anything that can become real money or robux. My first point still stands though.

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I don’t really want people who’s on vacations to see criminals though… I placed it near the army/police so they’re more likely to be captured. I don’t want my game to be a total free for all gang fight like Da Hood. Crimes is great for the game but chaos is bad

Didn’t realize the resort was right there, but putting their base only a few hundred studs away isn’t great either. Police could just lock them in basically.

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Well, they can’t actually, because the jungle is meant to be complicated with tunnels, rivers and trees to hide inside. If the importance of criminals in jailbreak is 50%, in my game it’ll be 10%, I don’t want thousands of criminals, just a few rich and pros who can give a purpose to the polices, you see.

I might add a Japanese army force island soon, not now though, rn the army is pretty much pure rp

Yes, the Plaza (one of my very first favourite games) had a casino for some prize wheel for things like tickets you could spend in-game.

Thanks a lot guys, does anyone have a suggestion for another building or something? I’m not too sure, maybe an airport? Give me some ideas please

Maybe a research facility in the volcano? Could be interesting.