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I agree with your comment, except I feel like roads should have an importance other than decoration; like maybe you can only drive on roads and if you drive your car over something that’s not road it would despawn or teleport back on the road.

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I would suggest that the creator could add some AI cars to make the city seem active, however if they are planning on adding multiple cities from multiple users in one server, this may get quite intensive. Maybe they could add people walking too, which creates an importance for sidewalks?

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I completely agree. Having cars drive around would definitely make the game feel more alive. (Same with the people walking on the sidewalk.)

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@Beatitkid4 and @goalmwo, I have had both of these ideas on my features list in my notebook (irl). I was planning on loading in the NPC’s and cars the same way that @Ultraw on Theme Park Tycoon 2 does, whenever they step into their city the game loads in the NPC’s and cars and respawns the last city you were in. I thought that this would help performance, what do you think about it? About the car teleporting back onto the road when they drive off, I actually don’t really like this. I feel if I was the player I would be very annoyed by that, because it would mess with my driving every time I teleport and make me take longer to get to another place that I could have gotten to in half the time by cutting through the grass.


I believe @Beatitkid4’s point was to add some importance to the roads, so by adding pedestrians and cars there’s no need for the car you drive to teleport back.
The unloading AI will work well, and you can add settings to reduce the amount of NPCs or get rid of cars for low end devices.


I think that the way you plan on loading the NPCs will definitely help with performance. I think that what @goalmwo said about having a setting to reduce the amount of NPCs will be very important for people with low-end devices.

I was imagining the roads to be surrounded by sidewalks or other decorations so you don’t have to worry about your car going off the road and teleporting back unless there is no road. But I don’t know how the map is going to look, so that would be pretty annoying if you accidentally turn to much and your car gets teleported back.

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I’ve updated the post to contain the 3 newly made cars I’ve been modeling! Since these are my first cars and one of my first blender creations, I really need feedback on them! If you have any you can post it here or on my other post. Thanks in advance!

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I’ve been making my first building in a couple years, and it’s going pretty well! This will be the car dealership where you can purchase the cars I’ve previously modeled to drive them around!

Im struggling on finding a way to make a mobile and desktop compatible car, if you have any models or resources that would be helpful for this please let me know!

Last thing, if you guys would like to help me with my dealership you can go on this post where I have all my feedback, or even post on here! All feedback is appreciated!

If you check the link on the reply I’ve posted to it will take you to the building feedback thread in which I have updated it to include my new question. I need to fill in some space in my building, I’ve modeled some furniture yet it still feels very dull and empty, any help?

Here's a picture of it if you can't click the link.

I have not posted on here in a while. I sort of forgot… :no_mouth: Although I’m going to now catch you up on everything I’ve done, and maybe give you some code to learn from!

First off, I have created separate zones around the game that are over different places that a player may own. This enables me to not let them open the build menu when their 50 miles away from their plot! To accomplish this I found this very helpful module by @ForeverHD, the creator of many helpful open source projects. To accomplish this I simply used this snippet:

local Zone = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.Modules.ZoneModule)
local zone =

	player.Values.PlayerBuildingLocation.Value = "CarDealership"

	player.Values.PlayerBuildingLocation.Value = "House"

This of course is just a test I used, as its not near efficient!

After I changed the value I had the building system check their value before enabling building!

While there is not much to say here I might as well just state that I have been squashing many bugs throughout this time period! For example I fixed a detrimental bug that doesn’t load any previews for models about to be built. I’m not going to say anymore because the rest are just behind the scenes!

@Beatitkid4 and @goalmwo, I’ve decided not to add any cars driving on roads. I thought it over for a while and decided that it is a little too much. While I might change my mind when the finished project comes, right now I’m not planning on adding any cars to the road. Besides player cars of course :smile:

Now for the car update :hushed:
In the 30+ days of no replies I’ve been working on hard on the entire car system. I’ve also made a huge change to the way to get cars. Previously there was a dealership in a place called central city, where everyone can access it. Well, although this could work, I wondered about making cars another thing to unlock. By this I mean it would be another place you can customize, but instead of making you any money it instead provides you a way to purchase cars! I thought this idea was amazing, but if you think not please let me know.(Give a good reason!) After making it like that I no longer had to decorate it, which checked that off my list! I then came to the car purchase system, which has some pretty big bugs but is overall working nicely. The bugs will get solved once I get around to bug fixes again. Now that I’ve told you about it its time to show! Below is a picture since I cannot get a video right now!

I’ll go ahead and break it down right here!

  • Confirm Button

    • Center Bottom
    • Clicking this gives you a value in your car inventory that will later be used to spawn cars.
  • Stats Menu

    • Left Middle
    • This menu displays all the car stats, while changing every time you change cars.
  • Main Display

    • Center Top
    • Displays name and price, with arrows to switch cars
  • Color Picker

    • Right Middle
    • Allows you to change the color of your car to your liking.

After doing that I went and made a little function to get the rating of a selected place. Below is the code I used for it!

function module.getRating(tycoon)
	local function getCleanliness(count)
		local cleanRating = 5
		for i=count, -1, 0 do
			if cleanRating - 0.25 >= 0 then
				cleanRating -= 0.25
		return cleanRating
	local function getDecor(items)
		local objects = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.Modules.Dictionaries.Objects)
		local decorRating = 0
		for i, item in pairs(items) do
			if objects[item.Name] then
				local itemStats = objects[item.Name]
				if itemStats.Class == "Decor" then
					if decorRating + 0.25 <= 5 then
						decorRating += 0.25
	local function getPopularity(people)
		local popRating = 0
		for i, person in pairs(people) do
			if person.Values.Rarity then
				local increment = person.Values.Rarity.Value / 4
				if popRating + increment <= 5 then
					popRating += increment
					popRating = 5
	local function getService()
	local function getQuality()
	local cleanliness = getCleanliness(tycoon.Garbage.GarbageCount)
	local decoration = getDecor(tycoon.PlacedItems:GetChildren())
	local popularity = getPopularity(tycoon.NPCs:GetChildren())
	local service = getService()
	local quality = getQuality()
	local rating = (cleanliness+decoration+popularity+service+quality) / 5
	return rating

At the time of writing I have not found a way to get a value for the last two yet, but I’m getting there!

You may not copy and paste this code for your own game, instead I showed it to you for you to understand it better and learn from it if you need to.

Last but not least, a simple code system! I used a previous system I made and edited it to fit the game, although the UI is completely new! Not much to say about this as its just the generic code system. I can still give you a picture though!
Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 4.00.47 PM

Wrapping all this up, I must ask for feedback. This can be on literally anything covered in here! From simply an idea to an entire rework, I’m willing to consider all. After all, I want this game to be enjoyed by everyone, and not just be to my liking. A major thing that I think might need feedback is the UI on these systems, if you have any feedback on those please, please, please tell me! Have a great day!


Looking good, I’m liking the progress!
The car dealership is a good idea and yes, cars roaming around would probably be too much. However, I think NPC’s should still be added to bring the city to life.
Pretty sure I’ve said this before but make sure to watch the lag. If you are having 4+ tycoons per game, with some pretty large buildings it may take quite a hit on FPS.

I’m currently trying my very hardest to reduce lag as much as possible. I’m afraid to say my partner is instead filling up cash bags with 100’s of bricks :sweat_smile: . Although I’ll figure that one out when I come to it. Anyway, getting back on track, I plan on adding many features to reduce lag in-game, like only loading visible tycoons, storing everything that causes lag not in rep storage but server storage (so its not replicated), and much more. I know from experience that lag is not a joke…

Now for my next update on the game! After finishing codes I’ve decided to go ahead and make the robux shop UI. I’m having some HUGE problems though with it, most of it being color choices. I know people don’t wanna reply often, but please help me here because the quality of this UI is terrible in my opinion. I’m willing to try anything to fix it up! I’ll show you it below.
Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 4.40.21 PM

It doesn’t look too bad, however I would just stick with 1-2 fonts rather than lots. I would personally make a colour scheme that you think would work well for the UI, and use it throughout. Nothing worse than having a million different styles and colours.

Try increasing the outline, or even changing it to a complimenting colour.

Thank you so much!! I took your advice on the UI by changing some fonts and colors, and it now looks a million times better! I found that the main thing that was throwing it all off was the text colors, as they were completely random. I was trying to make colors that don’t match match :sweat_smile:! I can’t currently provide a picture of it or anything but hopefully you can imagine it!

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I’ve modeled two furniture pieces! Not too much to say about them, except that I plan on using them for a game store, any feedback is appreciated!

Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 2.19.12 PM

Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 2.19.25 PM

Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 2.19.33 PM

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Hey guys, I’ve been working on setting the NPC’s to the players friends, but I’m having some trouble. Could you help me out and take a look at this post for me? I’m very confused on what to do :sweat_smile:

Small update right now! Just want to let you guys know that I’ve been working on the core part of the game, which is NPC’s finding a objective, walking towards that goal, then interacting with it. Not to mention spawning them at the right times. It’s a ton of work causing me to take a while.

The main reason I made this post is that I was thinking, what if the players could purchase a new building for their place. Its confusing so I’ll give an example. You have a game store, which looks very normal and has a normal 1x cash multiplier. When you get enough money or some currency then you can buy a different kind of game store, like a treehouse themed one. This new one also gives you a 1.5x multiplier. It’s basically a creative way to rebirth your buildings. What’s your opinion on this?

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Hey! I’m back again and right now I have finished the pathfinding and spawning part of the core game! I can’t capture it on video however because of how quick it is. I am experiencing a lag problem though. I think it’s due to the amount of humanoids there are, which worries me as there is usually only 10. Any ideas on this?

When starting to make my map template for the game I decided that the map should also be able to be upgraded. I’m now thinking that I’ll have a store put on everyones island to start with. The store will contain a bunch of upgrades that come with cash boosts or multipliers. Including the building upgrades, island upgrades, and maybe some other cool upgrades that can help stack a cash multiplier.


The lag shouldn’t be to do with the humanoids but it does depend on how complex their pathfinding is. You should be able to have a lot of humanoids at once without noticeable lack. While in game, check all the outputs and graphs to see when frame rates drop.
I like the upgrades idea!

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I know I sound dumb, but how do you access the frame rates or graphs during play testing?