Clarify rules on 30 character limit

If they delete my post, which has a valid answer, how is that not a punishment? If I specifically give someone the answer to 2 + 2, and they delete it, of course I would be mad

If that is so, then they may not have a choice about the 30 character limit. That would make even more sense as to why they don’t have rules about it.

What do you mean? The developer form has nothing to do with discourse. Roblox gets to choose the character limit

Yet still they have the 30 character minimum in place, which means there is a reason for it.

But there’s no rule against it as I said. Meaning, if Roblox really wanted people to not use the 30 character bypass, They would explicitly say so

It’s not really a “bypass” your just putting more characters in place of regular words to be able to reply.

The character limit itself existing should be rule enough. It’s not there there just to look pretty. There is no need to specify a punishment or make a specific rule about this. The community will flag you if you’re littering with tiny little posts of no substance.

Post substantial contributions or don’t post at all.


Did you actually read anything I said? I went on this long speech explaining how post under 30 characters could still make a contribution, as I demonstrated with my post. I gave a two-word answer, as the author of the post specified. The author specifically asked for a two-word response.

The majority of users on this forum will not practice moderation with this and will dump spam en masse. Sorry, but that is irrelevant. The limit is there for everyone for a good reason, it’s not just there to inconvenience specifically you.

I actually personally don’t care about the limit. I’m arguing the fact that moderation automatically assumes that posts under 30 characters are spam. I’m arguing about how you can’t just delete a post if it’s under 30 characters because it could still have value to the conversation. Not every topic needs a 10-page essay

Moderation just cannot delete posts for using the 30 character shortcut. There is no rule against it, The rules specifically states that a post needs to have some sort of value to the topic. That means even if you make a post under 30 characters, as long as it contains value to the conversation, it should not be deleted for using the shortcut. It should not automatically be labeled as spam. We all know what spam looks like. It could still contain relevant information

Is moderation actually deleting short posts that are contributive? These aren’t removed automatically, community members individually flag posts that aren’t up to standard.

If moderation is actually removing short posts which are perfectly relevant and helpful and could not have been replaced with a like or a marked solution, we can forward some reasonable feedback if there is a real problem.

Generally however, you should be able to meet the character minimum with minimal effort in most cases.

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According to this, yeah it happens.

Pay attention to the fine print.

If your post is short, odds are it’s not up to stardard. Do you know for fact that moderation is deleting posts that are perfectly fine on the grounds that they are simply short?


Yes I understand that, but according to @buildthomas if someone flags it staff just delete it

Flags themselves are not the moderation action. Flags are assessed by staff and either agreed with or disagreed with, where the post is either deleted or restored.

Again I understand this, but the way @buildthomas put it, staff don’t take into regard whether it’s relevant or not, if they see someone using 30 characters, then staff will delete it. The reason I’m at this thread is because I’ve been in a long argument about this all day, with a group of people who believe that no post under 30 characters could possibly be relevant. And I proved to them that post under 30 characters can be relevant under certain circumstances. None of them used logic in their arguments, until finally one of them did, linking the @buildthomas post. I thanked them for finally using logic, but then pointed out that there is no rule against posting something short with 30 characters attached to it. I told them that there is a rule against spam, but post under 30 characters aren’t necessarily spam. The majority of the time they are spam, but they aren’t always spam.

That was not said at all. Lines of spam mixed in with your post are useless clutter and are obviously undesirable in all cases, and if your post is not sufficient enough on its own, it will be flagged by the community and staff may decide to remove it. Nobody wants to see you dumping “30chars” at the bottom of all your posts, and if you cannot meet the 30 character minimum, it is most likely that your post is not sufficient enough on its own and will be removed anyway. Always strive to meet the minimum, it is there to make you consider whether or not you need to reply at all.

I don’t wish to discuss this further, this is very simple to understand.

You don’t have to respond. But discussing a problem is the only way to solve it.You can’t solve a problem by running away from it.

Let’s say for some reason the post “Is 1 + 1 = 2 correct” was allowed for some arbitrary reason. I should not have to give a long answer when a simple yes will suffice.

How I see it is if the question can be answered with a yes or no, Like = Yes and No = Reply “No” with explanation.

If the question can’t be answered with a yes or no, most of the time you’ll end up with a reply longer than 30 characters, if not, try using proper punctuation and maybe some additional relevant information.


Question: Where do I find a local script?
< 30 Reply: In the insert menu.
> 30 Reply: You can find a local script in either the model tab or insert menu or by running this in the command bar"LocalScript" workspace).

The thing is, you’re not replying for the sake of it, you’re replying to help someone out. You might as well direct them with good foundation.

As for your issue with it not being stated in the rules, it seems as if you’re the one running away from the problem. The rules clearly state to not spam and explicitly stating “Do not use 30 charssss to reach character limit” won’t make much of a difference. It’s common sense.