Clarify rules on 30 character limit

I mean, it isn’t necessary spam, as Pessimistic said. Sometimes it isn’t spam

I explicitly said that posting spam on your replies is under no circumstances desirable. Kindly stop twisting words to suit your petty argument. A short reply may be rarely acceptable, but the means to make it bypass the limit is not acceptable.

Lines of spam mixed in with your post are useless clutter and are obviously undesirable in all cases

Again, why should we have to give a detailed summary when it isn’t always necessary?

Let’s say someone makes the post:

What does a builder use to make objects?

I have 2 options. I can respond with:

Builders only use roblox studio

30 Characters


Builders are a type of developer that only use Roblox studio to make objects. This is different from a modeler who typically uses blender to make individual items, while builders typically make maps. Due to the simplicity of roblox studio, builders often don’t require skill, while modelers need experience with blender.

The second post answers the question, but also provides a lot of information that the author of the topic doesn’t need. Why should we have to elaborate when things don’t always need a complicated solution?

This has already been explained.

“This” being “the ability to post short replies.”

Hi, I moved these posts in from another topic since it was trending off-topic there.

I’ve made a clarification to the rules:

(see bolded sentence)