Clarify rules on 30 character limit

They should turn it into an actual rule then instead of having posts flagged. @buildthomas said users who use 30 Characters automatically get flagged and staff edit it. But that isn’t really fair if the rules don’t specify to not use it.

They put the 30 character filter in place to prevent spam, but they never said that artificially bypassing the filter is against the rules. Spam is against the rules, but artificially bypassing the filter isn’t. I believe in the post I made, I demonstrated how you could make a short post and maintain relevance. It might not be professional, but I didn’t break any rules. Staff should not be enforcing this unless they make it a rule.

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The rules are not exhaustive, they aren’t going to specify every single little detail.

I believe that if your post is under 30 characters that gives the same message that anything under is likely going to get you flagged.

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This is similar to the rules in my discord server. In my server, the rules state 2020_08_11_025226
If staff don’t want to specify every single detail, then there at least needs to be a disclaimer like the one in my rules. If they don’t want a disclaimer, then they need specific rules against it. Regardless, they need something in the rules to prevent things like chat bypass. Also, I’d like to thank you for being more cordial this time around.

I didn’t say automatic. People will flag it because it’s clutter. You shouldn’t be posting clutter, it’s spam.

If you can’t figure out a 30 character reply then use the Like button or don’t reply.

My main point is that it should be specified as spam, there should be some sort of rule about it, or as stated above, there should be some sort of disclaimer that staff can make decisions that aren’t in the rules

Feel free to put examples of replies that you think are not covered by these descriptions so Developer Engagement Team can look at it.

In this example, I demonstrate when it would be acceptable to post under 30 characters.

I give a clear answer, yet I remain relevant and on topic.I believe it needs to be explicitly stated that users should not bypass the 30 character filter if moderation really deems it necessary to flag every post that uses the bypass.

My answer is an example of when, in rare occasions, it is acceptable to bypass the 30 character filter. And since there is no explicit rule, and my post is not spam, My answer should be deemed acceptable unless a new rule is implemented.

I answered the author’s post with exactly what they wanted.

How is “like this” desirable posting behavior? That’s a contrived example that only works in meta discussion.

If you read the post, The user asked specifically how to make a short post. He then specified he wanted to use 2 words. So I showed him exactly how to do this. I used only two words, and hid the rest

The entire reason there is a limit is because they want you to post over 30 characters. If they didn’t care, there wouldn’t be this limit. Responding with a few words is fine, but at least try to use more complex, longer words that mean the same thing. It just makes sense, no need to add “30 chars” until you reach the minimum. Common sense.

Why should I have to elaborate to convey the same message that my short message would make?

They have a filter in place, but they don’t have a specific rule about bypassing the filter. Unless they add a rule, punishment should not be enforced on this

You just have to reach the minimum, all you have to do is use more complex words. There is literally no reason to “bypass” the 30 character limit/minimum.

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What would you consider to be “punishment”? Because it doesn’t seem like people are getting in trouble for posting the minimum…

I believe I covered this

30 characters

I’m just adding on,

Anyway, Roblox uses discourse for their forum which is open source and has a character limit built into it. I’ve noticed Roblox is one of the least customized discourse forums; but so is mine. :sweat_smile: I think you can change the character limit somewhere. And storing a bunch of small messages can add up after a while so this can be it too.

Regardless of what system they use for their forums, just follow the rules. If you think they are bad rules, feel free to let Roblox know. Just follow it regardless just to be respectful…

If you read the post I made above, I stated what staff do if you bypass the filter.

That isn’t really a “punishment” though, they are just making sure the forums are beneficial and not full of people responding with “30 chars” to everything.

Discourse is a 3rd party thing to view the fourms, Roblox doesn’t necessarily associate with it