Classic R15 UGC Bundles' BodyScaleType always set to 1

Ever since the launch of UGC bundles, the BodyScaleType property of classic R15 UGC bundles always get set to 1 (100%) upon uploading them to the Avatar Marketplace. This happens to all UGC bundles with RigType=R15 and RigScale=Default.

This warps the artist’s intent of the character, making the character appear taller and stretched out on the website’s thumbnail than what it actually looks like within Roblox Studio.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Upload a UGC bundle with the following configuration:
  1. Ensure that BodyTypeScale is set to 0

  2. Upload the UGC bundle to Roblox

  3. The UGC bundle’s BodyScaleType is set to 1 (100%) instead on the website, making it not display as what was intended.

Expected behavior

BodyScaleType should be consistent on the website with how it was set when uploaded. In this case, BodyScaleType=0.

What it SHOULD look like:


I noticed the bug report indicator below the title of the post got changed to closed, yet no one seems to have provided communication here yet

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Apologies for this getting marked as closed without a response. However, this is expected behavior for the feature; as of now, there is no support for creating a Body or Head on the Marketplace with a different scale setting.

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Hi NoahWillCode,

It is not a request for custom BodyScaleTypes, but rather the website configuration that all BodyScaleTypes are automatically defaulted to 1 once uploaded no matter the RigScale of the UGC bundle.

0% BodyScaleType is for an R15 character with ‘Default’ (Classic) RigScale. 100% BodyScaleType is for an R15 character with Rthro ‘ProportionsNormal’ and ‘ProportionsSlender’ RigScales. Yet all are set to 100% once uploaded to the marketplace.

Shouldn’t the expected behavior be that R15 characters with ‘Default’ RigScale be defaulted to 0%?

The documentation you’ve shared is accurate for importing bodies into Studio, and if unchanged they will remain that way within the data model. However, at this time, all bundles that are published come with a default of Rthro scaling for the in-bundle Costume and Head.

Are there any plans for the in-bundle Costume to use the defaults of their associated RigScale instead of defaulting to Rthro scaling in the future?

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