Classroom Mode Beta: Build Educational Experiences!

Hello developers!

We’re excited to announce Classroom Mode, a new module to help you create educational experiences!

We have thousands of students around the world who learn from Roblox educators. Many of these educators are in need of quality experiences for their lessons. That’s where you come in! If you’re developing an experience with educational value, you can install the Classroom Mode module to make your experience more accessible by the growing education market.


What is Classroom Mode?

Classroom Mode is an open-source, plug-and-play module that can be installed in existing experiences. This module offers educators using Roblox, such as in schools or summer camps, admin-style tools to manage their classes. These include tools like: teleporting users, disabling chat, or creating global announcements.

Installation takes just a few minutes minutes and the module is compatible with any existing code. In fact, your average player won’t even see this mode. Classroom Mode is only active and accessible when a verified Roblox educator creates a private server for their classroom.

We are currently launching this as a beta product. You can expect a full release in January 2022, where teachers will be able to sign up and use these experiences.

Supporting Educational Experiences

We want to foster more learning opportunities on our platform and to make it easy for you to build fun, engaging, and educational experiences! The Learn and Explore sort and Roblox Education hub are just the beginning. We’re beginning to release tools that make it easier for you to create projects that appeal to the education market.

As an extra incentive, those who install Classroom Mode and have been on the Learn and Explore sort, will be featured in the Classroom Collection - a page on Roblox Education website, which is used by educators all across the globe. Just like the specialized sorts on the Roblox website, our Education website can assist in driving traffic to your experience from educators and their students. We intend to release this page later this year.

Learn, Install, Get Featured!

To get all the details, see our documentation page on Classroom Mode. Keep in mind, this module is currently as a public beta. We welcome any feedback you have about the feature.

Already installed Classroom Mode and want to apply to be on the upcoming Classroom Collection? Submit an application here.

Roblox Education Team


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Definitely an interesting thing, and I’d imagine it being an easy way for educators to moderate behavior should they choose to use Roblox as a teaching tool.

A question:
As a developer, I’d like to test out these features and make sure that they are working as intended. This is especially critical if I want to build on the module when I am able to. Is there a way for me to test out teacher mode without being in the group, without modifying the base module?

And in that same vein, how easy will it be for educators to be approved?


Sounds amazing, this will be very usefull!

Just out of curiousity, how would I be able to check if someone is a verified roblox educator, for creating something similar to this myself, for a UI based learning experience? I really would like to make sure, I’m not just giving teacher privilegies to anyone.

Also, will Verified Educators creating VIP Servers for their classroom be possible if VIP servers are paid? Will they be able to ignore this limitation, or will they be forced to pay for the access?


Pretty nice that Roblox is actually taking an incentive to make their platform more accessible for learners and educators, especially in classrooms! Never thought I would see this in my life, but it’s not a bad thing, I guess.

I’d imagine Roblox will create APIs specifically for education in the future, especially for checking verified educators.


Yup! If you install the model, there’s actually a Configurations script with DebugMode, where you can test the experience for being a teacher or student.

Also - we’re working on making a test place where you can just test it out without installing the module.


Using Verified Educators: So we’re still working on the Verified Educator system but that’s something that will be taken care of by the Roblox Team, almost like granting a unique privileges to users we verify. As a developer, you don’t have to worry about who’s an educator, since that’s a flag identified by Roblox.

Servers: When it comes to paid VIP servers - we strongly encourage people looking to attract educators keep their servers free. This is really just to make it easier and more appealing for teachers.


Are we allowed to modify the Classrom Mode’s Gui and functionality to better suit a game’s UI style, as long as it keeps the original functions of the current Gui?

The main reason being this package is surprisingly large for simple functions such as teleporting players


I’m right now imagining school games that teach Lua in roblox looking into this


I really like this idea, with enough incentive this can actually revamp online classes to a point where more students get interested on actually watching the classes, as they’ll probably feel more comfortable on an enviroment where they are having fun.


I understand that you can change it and that this is in Beta, but why does the default UI look unattractive and rushed?


It also doesn’t seem to match with Roblox’s design language, would really appreciate something that doesn’t look like the menu.

Personally, I don’t have an issue with the size of it.

Anyways, this sounds like a nice update, will definitely make it easier for people to teach others.


Does it really matter though? Only educators will be seeing this UI, not the entire user base. I doubt it matters regardless.


Yeah, it matters. Having better UI can lead to a better user experience.


Yes! Now 9 years olds have an excuse to go on Roblox everyday! Nice…


Why though? You’re missing that educators make up a very small percentage of Roblox. The UI is functional and easy to navigate - which is enough.


I mean, why don’t they just update the UI all together? Its been years since they’ve updated the player menu, report menu, and the settings menu. Roblox has been modernizing all their UI lately so it would make sense…


That doesn’t change the fact that the UI doesn’t match the UI Roblox usually uses and the amount of imperfections it has. It won’t kill them to rethink things a little bit.


I honestly think it just needs to be functional. This is still in the beta stages. :shallow_pan_of_food:


Wonderful idea! I for one very much like the appeal to education. Although I do have a question: Is there any way to monetize that makes sense? I’d like to make a quality educational experience, but with the busy life I live, I’d like it to be worth my while. Same with anyone I might work with. I don’t want it to have microtransactions of course, as it isn’t a game for fun, but having a one-time entrance fee for every single player might scare off educators. Donations are fine I suppose. But could there be a way to have an educator pay a small entrance Robux for their students? That would make things a lot easier for everyone. That fee would be small of course. Maybe like a few Robux each.