Classroom Mode Beta: Build Educational Experiences!

Don’t want to install the module but want to try it out first? For anyone interested in testing this feature out, you can do so in this test place.

Few things to keep in mind though:

  • The test place is for 1 person servers. We have “simulated” students.
  • The place includes all the main features like teleporting students, creating announcements, etc, but does not include educator roles. If you join the place, you’re automatically assigned an educator role.

One thing and here as a photo of the experience, how are you going to do or how?

WOW :0


I will always be a beta tester, always…

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Thanks for doing this. I think I ll be able to create my educational game that I dreamt

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These official modules are seemingly becoming a thing now since a similar post was made previously:


I have nothing against “developer modules” being released for community use, especially when it comes to helping people learn, but I have to ask… why are they being announced in the official announcements thread in this manner? Wouldn’t it make more sense to release them under the Resources category, perhaps under their own subcategory such as “Developer Modules”? It’s just odd since they’re all just modules that people can grab and insert rather than actual updates. Not to mention that it’d be a lot easier for people to find all of these modules if they were posted under one resources category.

Something like this, maybe:

Edit: I’m only using the name “Developer Modules” here since that seems to be what they’re being called in the other post and on the wiki.


Isn’t it based off the in game menu though? It’s not like they’re using comic sans with bright colors and a light grey background or extremely strong gradients with cheap white fonts. It still somewhat matches and is still in beta.


Really cool! But I can’t stop thinking that Roblox is copying Minecraft Education Edition :joy:


I don’t think any schools will actually use this but outside of school this might come in handy
the classroom mode on roblox is pretty weird i would say


I think Roblox is trying to compete with Minecraft Education Edition, however I dont think this will go very far as you cant really build on Roblox and this can only be used for showcase style stuff.


Cool! But how would I be a verified educater?

I believe they said they’re working on it!

In the mean time, if you want to test it in your own experiences, you can change the group ID. If you just want to test the feature in general, they released a test experience where everyone is assigned the educator role in individual servers.


Awesome! The potential this has is HUGE!

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As most people are stating, the UI looks very rushed and old.

I wanted to modify it, but the scripts are creating the UIObjects.l It should probably just require the UI, to clean things up, and to make making modifications easier.


Okay but on a more serious note this is quite cool, I can’t wait to have classes in roblox. I think that’d be quite awesome

Verified educators are for folks who are looking to use a Roblox experiences with their students. This is not a necessary role to develop an educational game or experience. We’ve baked in some debugging configurations to let you test the experience either as a student or an educator.


This looks great and will definitely help many educators, and I can’t wait to see it in action! Just one small question though, when you insert the model, do you just leave it in workspace and don’t do anything to it or do you take the folders out and put them in the designated instances?

It’s designed to be plug and play. You should be able to put it either in Workspace or ServerScriptService and it should just work right out of the box.


Now keep in mind that unless you have the debug mode enabled or are in an experience with an educator, you won’t actually see any changes in the game


Is their anyway to tell if a player is an educator?

Outside of this model, I mean, an api like player:IsEducator, or are they in a group like roblox staff?