Cleaning up test server doesn't close all test clients

It appears to fix the game:BindToClose/Players.PlayerRemoving issue in this post: Local Server Test doesn't properly cleanup when the Cleanup buttton in the original window is pressed

However, if you specifically click the Cleanup button in the Server window, the client windows do not close.

I verified that I am on version 619.

it used to actually close the server and all client windows. i seriously doubt they intended to remove that useful functionality to instead add another alt-f4

Still experiencing this issue, in my experience it’s slightly different to other people’s description of how it works but seems to vary even for me. It starts off working as intended and then eventually you click Cleanup and it greys out and doesn’t close any windows. Still unsure what triggers it I will edit/respond again if I figure out the steps

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Still experiencing this as well.