Click events dropping through to wrong UI element in UIGridLayout

  • What is expected to occur:
    When the leftmost button is clicked in the ScreenGui included below, the button with the higher ZIndex that appears on top will be clicked and the button below it will not.

  • What actually occurs:
    The button on the bottom, fully obscured by the button on the top, receives the click and the button on top does not.

  • How often:
    Happens 100% of the time with the ScreenGui included below on my machine, unless the other buttons in the UIGridLayout are removed, in which case behaviour returns to normal.

  • When did the bug start happening?
    I am uncertain to exactly when, but I think within the last month.

  • The Gui in question:
    GlitchedUI.rbxm (8.8 KB)

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Affected games:

(Can no longer enter build mode, due to the click falling to the button below it)

(Clicking the delete tool instead drops through to the Delete All button nested below)

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A fix for this bug has already submitted and should be live within the next few days.

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