Click play to end cutscene and spawn in

I have the cutscene move from camera to camera. But I want it so when you click the play button the Title and play button disappear, the cutscene ends and the player spawns in. How would I do this? Here is my script:

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Just connect the textbutton to MouseButton1Click function.

How would I do that with this script. Would I add something?


Of course you will add something like the location of the textbutton.

I also want it so you don’t spawn until you click play

But what will I add and how do I make it so it does what I just explained and end the cut scene and disable the gui

Does that apply to player died and respawn?

What do you mean by that? I just want it for when they first join.

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So like what I have said just connect the text button to MouseButton1Click function after that
you can set the camera type back to custom, then just set the gui enabled to false, or something like that or you could just delete it.

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How and where would I script this?

Shouldn’t that be too obvious inside the Camera script fromnthe image you sent.

I mean how would I connect the textbutton with the MouseButton1Click? And how would I make a MouseButton1Click?

You would take your Tween function and place it into a extra line(jn the script)

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What line would I place this on?

Thats too much simple question, you can place that any lines.

You could put the line of code at the end of your Script

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When I place that now how would I make it affect the PlayButton?

Tween is underlined

You might also want to add wait for child. Just test it out first, if an error occurs try using wait for child if still does not fix just ask again.