Clickdetectors now work with FilteringEnabled

ClickDetector events should now behave consistently between Play Solo/Test Server/Real Client and Server, regardless of FilteringEnabled. Please post here if that’s not the case or something has broken horribly.


Just to clarify, the server can bind a function to a ClickDetector’s MouseClick and the function will know the player who clicked it?


More new features not mentioned in the trello? What are these prior–I guess that covers the threads about it not planning to have it supported, yay! Now if only it had a property for a custom mouse icon when you hover over it!

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papa bless :pray::pray:


I was making a demo for COOL UNANNOUNCED FEATURE and got fed up that they didn’t work. It was pretty quick :sunglasses:



they’ve always worked for me? unless something changed recently

If you attempted to listen to the event ClickDetector.MouseClick on the server, it wouldn’t work.

Clientside did work.

Also this only applies to FilteringEnabled games

oh yeah, ok

Can we get this for dialog next :slight_smile:

I’d actually prefer Dialog 2.0 where we have control over the appearance/functionality of dialog bubbles/response frames i.e. use custom images, choose where the response frame floats (corner, top, and the like), etc so there’d be a reason to use it


This fixed so many things, thanks for the update, always had me do a remote function which was annoying :wink:

What’s this dialog 2.0? ?

What’s broken about it in FE?

Take it one step further and please update the icon for the ClickDetectors? If this happens then @spotco will be my favorite staff (sorry zeuxcg). :heart_eyes:

From what I remember when I last used them, there were three major issues.

  1. The events did not fire server-side

  2. Once you finished ‘speaking’ to a dialog the bubble did not re-appear like it is supposed to

  3. Others could not see you speaking to the bubble / multiple people could speak to a bubble at once

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I’ll take a look. This one seems to be more involved.
Any examples of major games that use this?

(I’m guessing the robot in is one of them)

Server Clickdetectors don’t seem to work on mobile with filtering enabled.