ClickDetectors should respect CanQuery on Parts

Currently ClickDetectors do not work if a BasePart is blocking the view of the instance with the ClickDetector, this is expected. However, I would assume logically that disabling the CanQuery option on that given part would cause the Mouse to ignore said Part and be able to reach any ClickDetectors behind that object.

  • The main reason why this is an issue is that I have realized I can no longer rely on ClickDetectors because of all the invisible trigger zones I’m creating in my environment that would cause conflicts in clicking my desired objects.
  • A similar issue arises with large invisible parts used for atmospheric particles.

This issue has been haunting Deathrun for over half a decade. In that game, one person activates traps by clicking on buttons containing ClickDetectors. Those players are isolated into their own section of the map with invisible barriers separating them from other players (so they cannot escape). We have frequently had players report bugs that they were unable to press some buttons, not realizing that an invisible BasePart was in between them and the button they wanted to click on, from their current camera angle.

We basically had to rethink our whole approach to map building for that game to add enough space between buttons and barriers to minimize this issue. At the time of release we also weren’t familiar enough with programming to make our own button system without the use of ClickDetectors.

If the CanQuery property would no longer block inputs from ClickDetectors, we would be able to completely solve this issue within a day!


Seems like it’s working for me.
Are you sure you have CanQuery and CanCollide disabled on the part you want to be ignored?

Please send a place file that reproduces the bug if it’s still not working.


After reviewing my old issue, I realized that I left cancollide on. That was entirely my fault for not double checking. I falsely assumed that CanQuery could be off while CanCollide could be enabled.

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