Client-sided Physics Constraints Don't Do Anything

This is a bit of a weird one
I’m using LinearVelocity and VectorForce, both are being used for my custom player controller.
I’ve planned for the movement to be client-sided to minimize latency and ensure a smooth step rate

…But both constraints legitimately don’t function for the first 2-3 minutes. To make things worse, manually translating the rootpart doesn’t even get affected by workspace’s gravity; It appears as if the part’s anchored, even though it clearly isn’t

Many people suggest using the deprecated Body Mover instances, but I’d really prefer using the newest api, as it gives me more options and is overall a better experience…When it actually works, that is

heres a video example: Watch roblox physics be like | Streamable

I note that you have a Humanoid inside the model so have you set the model as the client’s character? If not, have you given the client Network Ownership of the model if it was instantiated by the server?


  • Was the part initially anchored on the server before passing it to the client?
  • Have you taken the model’s AssemblyMass into consideration when creating the VectorForce?
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Please forgive my stupidity…
I disabled the server init script while testing and forgot to turn it back on :sob:

In my defense, align constraints have a history of not enforcing full responsiveness for a couple seconds or so, because of that I thought maybe these constraints were doing the same thing

Regardless, I appreciate your help, even if it was a total oversight on my part; Have a solution, you deserve it

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