ClientAnimationThrottling not working?

ClientAnimationThrottling is an LOD feature for animation in Workspace property. However, I don’t think that the feature is working properly in this test game (its enabled). There is no LOD or whatsoever at all if you observe any animated character from a distance.


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I believe it only becomes visible when it starts throttling, i.e., you need more animations playing at once.

I believe the LOD feature works around camera distance rather than the number of animations, so it may be possible it is a bug?

I think you’re right, I’ve been able to get it to be very choppy by getting the camera very far away, though I believe it also factors in the performance of the game in general. It seemingly got choppier when my frames started going down.

I don’t believe it’s currently visible in your game because of the depth of field/blur effects it has, plus I don’t think you’d want it to be very noticeable anyway.

I just want it to work to improve overall FPS. I mean those animations stop moving when they are far enough, the feature advertised to improve up to 50% (30 fps to 45 fps). Is it possible that I render my animation client-side only, so there is no throttle at all? (no animation replication to the server, client does it all)

The client will always have to render an animation regardless of whether it’s playing on the server or the client, plus doing something on the client will only mean more work for said client, so I don’t know what your logic is with this question.

Animations aren’t the sole cause of lag, and the improvement is only noticeable when there are a lot of them playing. If you’re game is lagging, chances are it isn’t because of 2 animations.

On a crowded server, there would be many complex animated characters; therefore, it is crucial that the feature are working as advertised. Well, my animation system is like rendering all the animation without server replication. Basically a fay client, I mostly only handle data and humanoid movement on the aerver.

As far as I can tell, it is. From the looks of it, the characters in your game aren’t more complex than standard R15 rigs, which the demonstration of this feature used, furthermore, far more rigs were used in the demonstration than the number of players per server your game currently allows. Do your own testing, spawn in 25 NPCs, and only then should you consider the feature non-functional if there is no FPS/heartbeat improvement.