Clipping individual children of GuiObject instead of all


With the current state of Roblox Studio it is impossible / very hard to make great UIs.

Sometimes I need to use ClipsDescendants on each individual GuiObject but can not.

This could be a property on the GuiObject itself, something like GuiObject.Clip


FYI renamed title a bit for clarity (focus on problems rather than API suggestions), also you should add some examples!

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before I explain the situation and use case please inspect the UI setup and each image beloew


Frame.ClipsDescendants = false
ScrollingFrame.ClipsDescendants = false

Frame.ClipsDescendants = true
ScrollingFrame.ClipsDescendants = false

Frame.ClipsDescendants = true
ScrollingFrame.ClipsDescendants = true

To simple put it I want TextHolder to not be clipped by Frame but I want ScrollingFrame and it’s Descendants to be clipped.

This is currently impossible and I can’t make the UI look good at all


i have a solution for this problem increase the size of the scrolling frame so it will fit your interaction on it:

using uigridlayout to automatically position each tile and then to keep the tiles in the right place insert ui padding to move all the tiles over to the right (using udim2)
end result with clip descendants still enabled:

was previously chopped off at the red line, if you need me to expand on anything or make anything clearer let me know.