Clips descendants does not work with rotated frames

Please fix this.
Also, if this has already been reported, I tried finding it but couldn’t.


Not supported because the current frames aren’t coded to be sliced at an angle.
I would quote Zeuxcg but I can’t find the quote either.

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It’s not a bug, it’s intended behavior. Roblox has no plans on supporting this anytime soon.

This really is a bummer… I thought up some really cool UI designs, went to go make them and I was really stumped to discover this. :frowning:


Let’s say what you’re trying to make is a radar screen that rotates to show objects relative to the character’s angle. Your best bet is to encase that screen inside a square border so that whatever should be clipped is instead covered up.

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NecroBump time!
Yeah, it’s sad to see this not supported. And also dont get me started on the low quality frames on rotation

This behaviour can be achieved by using CanvasGroups.
See: CanvasGroup Beta: Group Transparency on UI Groups

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Locking this thread as this behavior is not a bug, but a known and intentional limitation for the time being (missing feature).

The corresponding feature request is here, please support it if you need this feature: ClipsDescendants should work with rotated UI elements

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