ClipsDescendants should work with rotated UI elements

Wanted to add on that this would make developing flight computer UIs much, much easer for flight sims. Currently to make an artificial horizon, I have to Add black frames around a solid blue frame, and set the z index of the brown frame in between the black borders and the and blue horizon. This takes up more time and resources to achieve the same result if ClipDescendants would behave properly for rotated objects.


This behaviour can be achieved with the release of CanvasGroups.


As stated in the above reply, this feature was implemented in the form of CanvasGroups

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Ah turns out it works if the ZIndexBehaviour is on:
I was testing on Global…

I’m afraid I have to disagree that it is hard. It involves Math, not stencil buffer or CanvasGroups. When the parent GUI intersects with the child GUI, Find the intersection point, then split into multiple triangles around the origin point. that should work.


If implemented in C++, this shouldn’t be too expensive, or too difficult. Again, we have CSG, which is essentially the 3D version of this.


its been 6 years and this feature still has not been added


I am surprised this is not a thing yet


I still can’t believe this hasn’t been added yet. It must be possible now? Is there seriously no way of doing it?

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@Buzzyy_Bee @iOwn_You
Please see the above.

I’ve noticed that at low graphics qualities, CanvasGroups crap out and have awful resolution. It’s very noticable and doesn’t look natural at all. Also, using this just to clip things while rotated would be a good waste of texture memory.