Lighting & SkyBox quick changer GUI / Plugin : 100+ installations

Hello Guys!

Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

I published a mini plugin by which you can insert a Lighting & SkyBox changer GUI into your projects!


The inserted script contains a ModuleScript and a GUI. Use the ModuleScript functions in your project to switch between Lighting/SkyBox preset settings. Use the GUI if you build your game and you want to see your scenes in different lighting environments.

Test your worlds quickly in different atmosphere, bloom, lights, daytime, skybox etc.
A 3-button GUI will be displayed in runtime. Change your Lighting presets on a click or loop them around!

The Lighting changer scripts and objects are freely editable in Roblox Studio. Define as many presets as many you wish in minutes!

A demo game is also published, available here:

Need something more or something else?

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  • Bonus: the Clock GUI Inserter is a similar “add a feature” plugin, check it out now!

I hope you’ll like this new plugin and the classic ones too!

Any feedback or comment is welcome!

Over 50 installations, ty guys!
May you have any request, put a line below!

Feel free to check out my other plugins, like NAAP, Clock & compass GUI and many more!

v1.1 update:

  • Widget gui object renamed - it is easier to find it in Explorer