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About Me

Hello there! My name is Jean living in Taiwan. Major in Computer Science & Information Engineering. I am senior now. Trying to be a full-time job of Roblox Developer.

Work Experience

| 2015 January – 2016 February

Chienyi English Tutoring Centers | Part-Time Worker

| 2019 August – 2019 November

GTA5 Dead City RP Server | Programmer

Showcase (Only Roblox Work)

I am good at GUI, Module, DataStore (Usually ProfileService), RemoteEvent, Basic Anti-exploiters etc…

If you are looking for Gun, Car, good OOP scripter. Sorry! But I still learning!

There is something you might interesting I already made.

#1 Advanced Lobby System.

With Different Game mode, Lobby List, New Lobby, Join Lobby, Map Select, Ready Check, Teleport Lobby Players to other map.

#2 Reward And Checkpoints System.

In this case you can see that different color zone.
This is work for checkpoints. Player need to entered C1 then C2 would work.
If Player teleport to the end without touched C1 C2 C3 etc… player would lose.
If player enters all checkpoints player would get Reward. This Reward GUI well send to all player in this round. Making it more social.

#3 Inventory System

#4 Round And Vote Map System

#5 Equip Ability System with DataStore Showcase

Player will get all ability information and can be equip. But if player don’t have ability in Datastore this ability would lock.

#6 Stackable Buff / Debuff System with Cooldown Gui Animation

Ability Introduction:

Sprint (Ability): Get a Buff 「Sprint」. Gain 10 Extra Speed in 2 Seconds.

TailWind (Ability): Get 1 Stack Buff 「TailWind」. Maximum 5 Stacks. Every Stacks Gain 2 Extra Speed. If your character already have 「Sprint」Buff you Get 1 more Stacks.

#7 Add-Ons System Like Dead by daylight

Ability Introduction:

Dizzy Landmine (Ability): Put a「Dizzy Landmine」 on the floor. Cause 「Dizzy」Debuff.

Dizzy Trap (Add-Ons): Your 「Dizzy Landmine」ability create 1 more landmine.

Dizzy (Debuff): You can’t move in 2 seconds.

#8 Passive Ability Like Dead by daylight

Ability Introduction

Slime Landmine (Ability): Put a 「Slime Landmine」 on the floor. Cause 「Slime」Debuff.

Prequisite (Passive Ability): Your landmine put in front of you now.

Slime Trap (Add-Ons): Your 「Slime Landmine」ability create 1 more landmine.

Slime (Debuff): Maximum 5 Stacks. Every Stacks Gain -2 Extra Speed.

#9 GamePass Store

#10 Products Store And Easy to Add New Product

Other Showcase (Not Roblox But My Old Project)

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Discord Bot (Only Chinese)

This is my first discord bot project using javascript.
Only Chinese Version and pretty unreadable.

Python with PHP to auto collect Internet Raffle Information. (Only Chinese)

This is my college exam project. Still only chinese version and pretty unreadable. I feel sorry about my professor.

My Good Habit At Coding

Never Wait() Always Heartbeat or Stepped

Never Stored Redundancy Data In DataStored

I Always Stored those might repeated data in module not datastore.
Also You can easily add thing in module. Not Always need a scripter add thing for you.

Always Trying to Module Everything

Imagine you are playingLenge of legends. There is a lot of character skill would do the same thing. Like slow down, poison, can’t be target etc… That’s how module work! You can easilize use one single script avoid a lot of same code.

Always Add Comment

My UI Design Always Fit In Mobile Device


Chinese Translator

I can translate your english game to traditional Chinese. But you might already noticed I have a lot of grammar mistake in this post. I always learning. But english still not my first language. So I can only do some easy translate like your gui, item name, game descript. If you have a game with 1000+ word wanting to translate to chinese. I can introduce my friend of major in department of english for you. Then I can help you insert those chinese into your game.


I am available for six to eight hours of work everyday because I will graduate soon. And I really enjoying Roblox developing. I need job to live! You can contact me any time.


Prices are negotiable depend on what you need (Always can be communication).

My preferred payment method is Paypal (I need to live).
But percentage also good too! (Check the Note 2 down below)
I don’t accept Robux anymore!

When you send a message to me.

You need:

  • #1 List of what you need in your game
  • #2 Game rule (Can be include in #1)
  • #3 Game link for now.
  • #4 Deadline (Urgent in 1~2Days might double the price)

Then I can make a quick offer for you.

There is also some notes You need to know.


  • When you decide to hiring me. I need 20% deposit.
  • Or hourly payment when I have progress on your work I will show you my progress today then you pay a pecentage.
  • I will tell you My progress on your work everyday.
  • When I finished all the work I will show you whole thing looks like.
  • You need to pay final payment first then I will send you whole work.


  • If you want to hiring me with percentage.
  • Make sure you almost done other thing.
  • Or make sure you or your team know what you guys really need of script clearly.
  • I don’t want to work for only idea.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/zany_jean

Also My Discord: ZanyJean#1059

I will respond you in 2 hours when I saw your message. If not.

Check the time in GMT+8. Maybe I am fall in sleep.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


It says that you are not accepting friend requests, can you add me? ai#5000

Hello please accept my friend request , I am gabo :crescent_moon:#6844

Could you make a gun system? More info: