[CLOSED] $100 USD | Clone Trooper Helmet/Accessories

About Me

Hello! I’m Divine and I’m working on starting a Clone Army-themed group. In order to reach the point we need to be at for launch, there’s a few assets that I need made. This post is just for one of them, the Clone helmet and accessories

About The Job

I’m looking for someone that can use unions in Studio to create a Phase II Clone Trooper helmet from Star Wars along with several minor accessories that can be added onto a helmet to customize it. The list of accessories are listed below:

  • Rangefinder
  • Pauldron
  • Kama
  • Helmet Visor
  • Macrobinoculars

Images for reference of each accessory can be provided upon request since I don’t want to flood this page with images. Feel free to look each up as well, since google has a lot of images for each. As for the helmet, a picture of the type of helmet I need is posted below:

The helmet can include meshes if absolutely needed for a minor part or two, but to make it easier to customize down the road if needed, I ask you try to keep it to unions exclusively. It needs to be detailed and lore-accurate. More pictures can be provided of the helmet if needed.

On top of the base helmet, I need 3 minor variations made with different types of stripes/arrows on the helmet. Nothing too crazy. An example of one is below:

Everything should be completed within two to two and half weeks after accepting the commission. You only need to do the helmet and listed accessories. No need to worry about any sort of body armor or anything like that.


I’m paying $100 USD via Paypal for someone able to make all of the above. I’m only able to pay through Paypal, and ROBUX for this project isn’t possible due to it’s price, unless you’re willing to take $100 worth of ROBUX from the ROBLOX site with the 30% tax.

Contact Me

If you’re interested, either send me a message on Devforum or add me on Discord - Divine#5680

Feel free to reply with any questions on this post, I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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unions are highly inefficient and meshes are a better way to go in my professional opinion. I’ll gladly make you several variations of the helmet for the listed price. Let me know if you are interested. Just in case i’m going to send the same message to you on discord. here is my portfolio.

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