Professional 3D Modeler/Mesh Maker For Hire

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a 3D Modeler. I specialize in mesh creation. I have been Modeling for 6 years and I’ve been playing Roblox since 2009. I am open for commissions, and I try to get my work out as quickly as possible.


I charge for my work either per-asset, or hourly at a rate of $7 USD/Hr.
My preferred payment method is Paypal, but I will take Robux equal to the devex amount of USD.
I will VERY rarely take percentage pay if your game is already generating income, or almost completed.


Send me a message via Discord at Ezmoreth#9570


My schedule is flexible, and I am available for work mostly during weekends. You can contact me any time on discord.

Q: What Can You Model?

A: I can model pretty much anything. View pictures below.




Low-Poly Modeling


Sci-Fi Tools/Weapons

Player Accessories

(Hair and faces)

Helmet Crap

Helmet Heavy

Vegetation and Natural Map Making Props

Man-Made Map Making Props

Fully Rigged and Animated Player Characters


If price is a concern message me on discord for an estimate.


I sent you a friend request on Discord the name is BK


I can vouch for this guy, he completed all assets needed much faster than the agreed deadline. Great choice if you want quality work.

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Big vouch, just got some really cool stuff done by him. Very professional and friendly, great choice if you need any work done.

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Are you able of creating hairs for an anime game?

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I can definitely try :slight_smile:

Add me on discord and we can talk about it.

Added in discord, hope we can work it out!

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Just updated my payment section and my ‘low poly modeling’ section with some recent work.


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I just sent you a friend request on discord; my icon is a cat. I would like to get an estimate on a particular job.

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I added you back :slight_smile: looking forward to discussing with you

Super detailed work, I love your Lambo. Great job, keep it up!

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I can strongly vouch for Ez’s cooperation, work ethic, and work quality. Great guy!

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Hello Ezmoreth, I sent you a friend request on discord. My username is Kodiak9000#6281. I want to discuss about hiring you for a fully rigged 3d mesh model. Thanks!

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Hello, I’m interested in your modelling skills. I need a modeler for my smoothie parlor. Currently I need smoothie machines, actual smoothies, and cups. I have 2K as a starting offer but prices can be negotiated.