[Closed] [10,000 R$ Task] - Convert x_o’s bike system to R15

The Task
Recently @x_o developed an awesome open-source bike project. Me and my brother @ObliviousHD would be interested in using this within our videos, however the system would need two modifications:

  1. Can be equipped and unequipped via a tool
  2. The character riding the bike is your character when equipping the bike. If only able to work with one rig-type, it is vital to work with R15.

We can pay you the full 10,000 R$ via group funds or an equivalent amount in USD via PayPal. You will also be featured in the credits of the video for our channel.

If interested, just send me a quick message on the DevForum, then we can arrange payment and any further details on discord.


I know @Fahedgt5 worked with the bike to change the character model but I’m unsure if he was just modifying the character to look R15 or if he was replacing the rig.

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Thanks, I’ll get in touch with him.

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I just modified the rig to look like R15


I managed to convert it to r15 with support for accessories and clothing, although clothing makes the bike act more glitchy.

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