[CLOSED] [100K R$] Hiring Scripter to Script a Simple Simulator

About Us

Hello! We are currently looking for a scripter for an upcoming simulator. We plan to release this simulator within 3 weeks and thus need a scripter to finish it in time. We will have a pet system included so make sure you are experienced in making pet systems.


Make sure to show your own Portfolio about previous work & experience!

Job Requirements

These are requirements you need to follow before you are interested in being hired by us.

  • You are

  • Responsible for making sure you work atleast 3 - 5 hours per day.


These are not required, but they are bonuses!

  • Know UI design
  • Can animate


You will be paid in group funds so it will be 100,000R$.
Payment will arrive once you are done with scripting the full simulator.


You can contact us on discord or here.

Thanks for reading this! :smiley:

  • joelbloxx#3290 (Owner)
  • korv#1731 (Owner)
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I sent FR (Friend Request),


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Hey I sent a friend request, I’m a scripter with 6 years of experience, I’ll send you some previous work on discord, the name is SpicyHoney#3619

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Hey, I am interested.
Sent you a friend request at: nick#2007

Portfolio: [OPEN] | nickglazed’s Portfolio | Scripting Portfolio

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If you need a user interface designer here is my portfolio , because you montioned that you need someone who can do Uis , so if u dont find someone check my portfolio :
:Azroxl | Low Poly Builder/Modeler/User Interface Designer

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it would be extremely helpful to know what specifically is required to be made rather than just ‘an experienced scripter!’, since i’ve yet to see a pet system that requires 3 weeks of work


Basically a simulator on the level of “Lifting Simulator” for example their scripting is good, that kind of level is experienced with making simulators. We are looking for programmers with experience.

I’m interested. jaden#0438 I can also work on 3-5 hours.

stil looking for an project manager?

I am interested, I am 17 years old with almost 7 years of experience as a scripter, ui designer, modeler, etc. I have worked on multiple games like this before and I can probably get it done in 2 weeks since I currently dont have any jobs. I sent both of the owners a request, I am Nv#2008 and I am looking forward to be talking with you soon. Have a great day!

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Hey I sent A friend request to both of you guys on Discord! My username is Trae#6602

Here’s my portfolio:

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Hello there! I’m definitely interested, here is my portfolio - my portfolio.

I’ve also sent you a friend request on discord for better communication :slight_smile:

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