[CLOSED] (1,030,000 Robux / 3,600 USD) My Droplets is hiring 3D modeler & builder

Hi, im 2lmu a roblox developer been on roblox for a while and i surely can make what you ask for, you may notice that my portofolio doesn’t have much stuff in it and that because of contract you know clients don’t like their products shared this is a huge opportunity and i’ve been following your work on twitter since you started development of this game and much before!! [OPEN] 2lmu - Build/Graphics/3d modelling | Portofolio :slight_smile: hope you like these!!

I am interested! You can contact me here on the DevForums or on Discord at BufferyNDuffery#2219

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i vouch for 308! 30 characterssss

Hello there I am interested in a building position! I work in that style shown and have a lot of free time. I will send you a message on Twitter soon. Excited to hear back! :+1:

Can vouch for Nanoswamp went above and beyond to satisfy our requirements.

can vouch for Nanoswamp. He put an extreme amount of passion into his work and makes sure its perfect to your liking. overall great person to work with

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About me

Hello! My name is 0ctox. I am REALLY intrested in working with you.
I have 2 years of experience in roblox studio and I’ve got alot of knowledge and skills. I am willing to spend more than 30 hours a week, and do my best that I can

My porftfolio:

Contact me

You can add me through discord: 0ctox#8789
Thanks for reading!

Ah an environment artist position. I’ve been doing Blender work for about 2 years and have recently just finished something involving a building last month. I’ve sent you a link to my sketchfab and portfolio via Devforum.

Heya! That’s a big opportunity!

I’m interested in this job, I would be really comfortable in this style :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there I am a 3D modeler, if you could give me a chance I could show how much effort I would put into per hour and if the quality is not to your liking I will work overtime to make it right. I would love just an opportunity.

If you would like to give me one please contact me at .cie#5031

I can definitely vouch for Streeteenk! Not only is he a talented and creative developer, but he also is very reliable and won’t let you down.

Contacted you on twitter :slight_smile: I look forward to hearing from you.

I could definitely recommend @HoudiniDev in this case, his models are awesome!

Hi, I am highly interested in this job! Please DM me on Discord: marky#0001

Portfolio: [OPEN] Builder & Modeler - MarkDonaIds

Hello, I’m interested. [CLOSED] Low Poly Builder and Modeler | Buildings, Foods , Furnitures and More

Sent a message in Twitter! My username it’s @TurtleDevelopin, I have all the needed told in this post, Knoes how to texture, Smooth, Export, Color, Modify Meshes. Hope we get to a deal!

Portfolio! ^^^

Recommendation rolling in
Turtle is very good.

Hello, definitely interested in the position! Here’s a portfolio of mine consisting of all kinds of work I’ve done throughout my time as a 3D Artist on the platform. Feel free to contact me over at Discord: Zealocity#3331 for any questions you might have regarding what I am capable of or anything in general.

Portfolio: [CLOSED] Zealocity - 3D Modeling Portfolio

Look forward to hearing from you!

Hey there im interested in this!

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