[CLOSED] Zealocity - 3D Modeling Portfolio


About Me-03

I’m Zealocity, a 3D Modeler and Graphic Designer

• Been on ROBLOX ever since 2009, I’ve been doing 3D modeling for around 2 years using
Blender and Graphic Design for around a year or so. I can create multiple types of assets
including but not limited to, vehicles, clothing, armor, weaponry, etc. I’m always down to
improving my skills wherever I can and learning new things as much as I can and getting
involved with the community more! Very passionate about cars and I enjoy making them the
most. Also very fond about anything Cyberpunk or Sci-Fi related.


• Blender 3D
• Substance Painter
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Premier


UGC Items

(waves made by ZACHINTOSH)

(Mask 3D model & hand model and texture by ZACHINTOSH)

ezgif.com-gif-maker (5)

ezgif.com-gif-maker (4)

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3)

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)










• I am available most of the time throughout the day, you can reach me at any time and I’ll be
sure to get back to you. In the event that I do not reply immediately it means I’m either out,
sleeping or not available at the moment.


• Payment is negotiable, depends on quantity, whether it should be textured or not, general
style, level of detail, quality, etc.

• Preferred method of payment is real currency (USD,EUR,CAD) using Western Union, other payment options and :robux_light: ROBUX aren’t entirely out of the question, would have to
talk in DM’s for more info.


My preferred method of contacting is Discord, though I regularly check the DevForum and Twitter as well.

Discord: Zealocity#6846
Twitter: Zealocity_
Roblox: Zealocity


Your accessory work is AWESOME! So are your vehicles! I added you on discord!


HUGE vouch for Zeal!
Not only is his work ethic and quality beyond standard, but he’s got great communication!

Highly recommend hiring him if you need assets made quickly and efficiently!


This guy’s car work is something else, deffo need more of him out there!


Really recommend working with him.

Me and him worked together on a commission and he was nothing but consistent with the quality of the work and the response time, as well as the time it took him to complete his part of the work. It was a great experience working with him and I really do suggest hiring him.

From stuff I’ve seen on and off of his portfolio, he’s capable of making just about anything, and if he’s not made it before he’s still going to give it his all and learn/figure out how to make it so the final product is what you’d expect.

In short, he’s a perfectionist and his work speaks for it’s self.

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yo. you can make boxing gloves ?

Hired him and got excellent quality models in a very timely manner with great communication, I’ll definitely be hiring him again. I’d highly recommend hiring Zealocity if you’re looking for top quality work.

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Zealocity is the perfect person to hire when you need something done fast, to the best ability, and professionally.

He does his work as his top priority and stays in contact through the whole process. I never doubted him for a second the minute after hiring. He takes your tweaks and feedback as his top priority and I have never been so happy with a modeler.

Highly recommend him.

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- Updated the portfolio with some recent work including UGC items