[CLOSED] 2020 ON-SITE Summer Accelerator Opportunity

Hello Developers!

Want the opportunity to work on-site at Roblox HQ on the game of your dreams? We’re looking for developer teams to create a new game experience while working alongside our Engineering, Product, and Developer Relations teams. The goal of the program is for Roblox to better understand problems you’re encountering, features you’re missing, and how you’re developing!

Minimum Requirements:

  • All participants must be 18+ years old.
  • All teams must consist of AT LEAST 2 Developers.
  • A programmer and builder are required to be on-site.
  • Each team needs a designated team leader.
  • You may only participate in ONE Accelerator Program per year.

Not everyone has a team they can call to action, so we’ve put up THIS THREAD for those interested to post their talents, ideas, and needs. If you don’t have a team, or are missing certain skill sets from your existing one, we encourage you start your search here.

The program is set to run May / June -> August / September. Dates will become more specific once we narrow down our application list, as we like to get a good idea of when you will be most available.

Thanks for applying everyone! Be on the look out for Fall signups later this year.


Do I need to attend in person?

Yes. You will be required to work full-time at the Roblox HQ in San Mateo, California.

Do I need to be a US citizen in order to participate?

No. If you live outside of the United States, you will need to qualify for a J-1 US exchange visa. If you are accepted into the program, Roblox will assist you with the visa process. The visa requires you to be pursuing further education full-time in a College/University or to have graduated doing so within the last 12 months.

Can I get University credit from this Internship?
Many universities do provide credit for this program, but every school is different! You should consult with your university officials to see what credit you can receive. Roblox is happy to help with any information / documents you need completed, but it is your responsibility to execute on this.

I don’t think I am worthy of this! How good of a Developer do I need to be?
We are looking for developers of all skill sets. Whether you have just made your first game, or have created many, there is no hurt in applying. Even if you don’t make it this time, you’ll be interacting with the Developer Relations team and getting valuable feedback for the next time.

When will I find out about the next steps?

Developer Relations will reach via e-mail to discuss further steps. All applications with an e-mail attached will receive information, whether or not they made it in.

How long is the program?
12 weeks.

Why AND When do I have to be 18?
We can’t legally employ you if you are not 18. You will need to be 18 before the program begins, which will be in May. If your birthday is in May, I would apply and we will see what we can do.

How does housing work?
If you are accepted, we will help you mingle with others who were also accepted. The Bay Area can be expensive, so it is encouraged to roommate with multiple interns during your stay. It is your responsibility to find housing while here.

Do I get paid?
You do! While I can’t say how much it is, I can say it will allow you to pay rent and live comfortably while here. We do not pay for relocation.

What amenities can I look forward to if I am accepted?
Apart from spending 3 months with a ton of Roblox Developers, you can also expect free lunch everyday, a fully-stocked snack room, free gym, and more!


Heck yeah! My team will be sure to apply!


Good luck to everyone applying! Sounds like an amazing opportunity.


I really wish Roblox did some form of remote accelerator programs for those of us not in the US. They mentioned it at RDC but didn’t give much info :confused:


Imagine not being 18+. Open a HQ in Canada please and thank you.


It’s finally here! Will be applying :wave:


For the first time ever I am absolutely looking to apply this year! I’ve heard great things about this opportunity and I can’t wait to hopefully meet everyone on the other side!


I’ve done this twice now and can honestly say it’s absolutely worth every moment! The people you meet, the experiences you have, and the knowledge you gain is quite amazing. Good luck to all teams applying!


What kind of references do you want? Do you want professional references, personality references, or are you more focused on game design references?


Finally! Good luck to everyone that applies!


The time has come yet again… :eyes:


As a current accelerator, if you’re on the fence about applying you really should. The team at Roblox is amazing and you’ll learn a lot :smiley:

It’s an awesome experience.


Might give this a shot, will check in with my team their opinion. If a developer doesn’t have a J-1 US exchange visa, are they still able to be employed/admitted into an internship? ( I live in the US, but I am asking on behalf of other team members. )


Is there any benefit to applying early, or would I have the same chances applying on January 6 as I would today? Also, can you provide any statistics on the acceptance rate in the past?


I can’t apply this session due to my 18th birthday occurring during the end of summer, but I highly recommend this program to anyone considering and good luck to all applying! :smiley:


I wish I could apply but I estimated the time wrong and my birthday is mid-summer. Good luck anyways to those who can apply! Will there be a fall program like last year?


I’ll definitely be applying for fall!

If there is one :eyes:

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I am definitely going to apply, thank you for the opportunity. Just going to buff things out with my team for our resume and we should be good to go. :smiley:

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It’s time to assemble…

the boiz.