[CLOSED] 2020 ON-SITE Summer Accelerator Opportunity

Also as an aside:

Can someone apply under multiple teams, and can we add members to the team if we get accepted after the submission deadline?

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Oh boy…

Sadly, accounting for the exam period, at best I’d hit the end of my college year by mid-late June… Would I still be “in time” to begin the program or is that on the edge of being too late?

It’s such an amazing experience. I met so many people and it was honestly one of the best summers I’ve ever had. Wishing everyone the best of luck who apply!


If only I didn’t already have my summer internship set already for my college program :cold_sweat:!

Good luck to those applying, such a great opportunity.

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Seems like an amazing opportunity! I’m excited to give the application process a shot with my team!


Maybe make it 16+ or 17+ for age? At 16, I think it’s legal to have a roommate situation. I know talented devs that may not be able to make it because of age :confused:

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Check the thread before making these kinds of posts about how you’re not old enough and the age should be lowered. They LEGALLY CANNOT employ you if you are younger than 18. Plus, it’s not your call what the age is - if you don’t meet the requirements, you don’t meet them. They can’t change them to accommodate single cases like your own.


So, the accelerator program has arrived once again. It seems that there is a large volume of interest this time around. I remember I didn’t apply to the session (and even had to turn down an invite) before because I was really nervous and I realised I wouldn’t meet the age requirements. Seems I can’t do anything about this one either - I will be 18 in February, but still in school by May/June.

A little sad since I was hoping to make it this year in the summer time. That sounds like an absolutely perfect time to run up on this session.

Good luck to this cycle’s applicants.


If you are an indie dev who doesn’t have a team, and no outstanding project commitments, I am searching for someone like you to work alongside with me on Booga Booga for the Summer 2020 Accelerator!

More details can be found on my other post here: 2020 Summer Accelerator Mingling Thread


When are internship applications opening :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Well, let me tell you.

Accelerator = Internship

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I’m talking about website internships, sorry I forgot to include that

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Website internship? What’s that?

That was last years, check it out


What’s the rule about pre-started projects? If say @Spathi and I were to apply, would we be allowed to work on our current main project during our 3 months? Or would we be forced to start a brand new project?


They’ve been open on the jobs website since September.

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I’ll apply next year, i can’t because my studie

I would gladly apply for this but I am not 18 yet :frowning: .
I’ll of course apply at this amazing opportunity once I’ll be 18. :slight_smile:

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Europe, where you at?! :eyes:

Good luck to those who are applying! Have fun! :slight_smile:


Do we get access to all of the nuclear datastore detonation codes or no?