[CLOSED, $2,500] Hiring for Low Poly Simulator game!

Awesome news! I’m excited to hear back from you. :smiley:

Hello, I would like to apply as a scripter. But I would like to ask some questions. Sent you a friend request. Bone - Scripter#7011

interested in scripting

hi, im interested in building
my discord: zozzaouda#6078

Interested in the 3D Modeler position! Here’s my portfolio of all kinds of work:


I am interested in the Ui postion

I have a large amount of experience with simulator maps, here is my portfolio:

My discord is nektxrios#7373 if you’re interested. I also have a few other maps I can show you.

Hello, if you are still looking for developers, I could fit the role of builder and 3D modeler. My discord tag is FearForte#6647.


What are you talking about and why is no one going to question this they just see 2500$ and say I’m in, no offense but this doesn’t make any sense people are just going since it says 2500$, but is he going to pay each and everyone 2.5K. (No offense)

I got the job and was invited to a server with 1 person in and no one else. I was later kicked from this server or it was deleted, I haven’t heard anything from him for a week now and there’s a lot of things that don’t make sense. Wouldn’t recommend working this job it’s all just a bit sketchy.

And yes he was offering each developer $2500

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Thanks for commenting, If you read what I have said in the dm you will know why you were not accepted into our team.