[CLOSED] [50K R$] Looking for a SCPF Builder!

About Us

Hello! I am DecentStorm, owner of an SCP Foundation aiming to give the genre a new taste!

About The Job

We are currently looking for a very talented & experienced builder with previous SCP-themed work that is going to build us an SCP Site, a blueprint and much more will be given!


We are paying from 30,000 ROBUX up to 50,000 ROBUX.
We do not issue upfront-payments. However, we pay per produced asset.


  • Must be at the age of 13 or above
  • The entire progress will be made on a group game of mine at all times
  • After the job is done, no distribution of the produced assets shall happen

Contact Me

strong textYou can contact me via my Discord; Decent ツ#3051
or by replying to this post!

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Sending DM right now with interior design portfolio, looking forward to make some stuff for you!

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great to hear that!
t h i r t y

If you’re still needing one, I sent a friend request!
Examples (1st pic is unfinished)

sorry, that’s not the kind of style I’m looking for :confused:

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Can you edit the thread and put in a picture or some text of what kind of building style you’d like? Whether it’s low poly, or realistic, or like the style of SCP: Containment Breach, or SCP: Unity, I’d just like an explanation of what kind of style you’d like, and whether I’m capable in that style of building.

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Take a look at my portfolio and tell me.

Im currently available.

If you are in need of interior props please DM me.

I can build them quickly for a set price.

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