[CLOSED] 6K ROBUX - Hiring Bakery Scripter

About Us

Biscuitz is looking to make a big community where players can role-play as the type of staff or customer they would enjoy doing in a bakery type environment that simulates a real life bakery inside a simplistic game. With that, we hope to make a fun and enjoyable community for our members. Our targeted age group is 13+, we would like our community to have an understanding on what this occupation may be like for future events that may happen in their life, but also still making it something for people to enjoy at the same time.

Our Team

Founder/GFX Artist/Modeler | @Nemoisyum - Nemoisyum#3649

Founder/Animator | @AIon3x - Raven#0620

Founder/UI Designer | @angelkvnzie - kenziee#3790


Must have Discord
Must be able to communicate any progress daily
Must be 13 years or older
Must have at least 2 years of scripting experience
Must have a portfolio or showcases ready for us to review
Able to script UIs
Able to make secure scripts, ones that do not purely rely on the client

Your Job

Scripter: We are looking for a scripter to code an order system for our bakery. The order system is a bit similar to SizzleBurger and U-Decide’s. The scripts you create should do the following: A staff member in our group will click on a register and have a UI pop up (this will be provided). They type in the username of the customer, continue, and select which food or drink items the customer wants. After they submit the order, it should go to an order board in our kitchen that the chefs will use to claim orders. The chefs should be able to click on an order, have it appear in a ticket on their screen, and begin making the order. Once they are finished with an order, they should be able to click on a table and have all of the items in the order go into a basket (again, all of the models and UIs will be provided) for the customer to then be able to pick up if they were the one who ordered it. We will message you about other small details in this system once you are accepted for the job.


Our budget for a scripter is around 6k Robux. You will be payed no less than 4k, and will be payed more if the script is up to expectations and finished on time. Prices are negotiable. We will pay when the job is completed. If you need proof that we will not scam, please check out this thread to prove we can be trusted with jobs and payment. We will also provide proof that we have the money in Robux.

Contact Us

Contact us using our Discord tags in “Our Team” or using DevForum DMs. Do not contact us if you do not believe you will be able to make the system we described under Your Job.

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