[CLOSED] Apply for the Extended Halloween Sort

Just because you applied for the sort, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a position. I applied as soon as this was opened but my game isn’t there. I see your game in there, too.


This is such a great opportunity given by Developer Relations due to the outage during the Halloween days. It’s very creative and allows players to stay engaged for the days missed! Thanks for the opportunity!


Have applied on behalf of my experience!


Oh,thank you. I have found my game there.


I found my game there as well! Thanks for the opportunity.

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kind of spooooky :ghost: :ghost: that the sort was extended

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Muchas Gracias, esto es muy espectacular!! :heart_eyes:


It would mean any external asset(s) outside Roblox’s platform (including music, .obj files, etc) as well as within the Roblox platform that you had unauthorized access to use - or of course, if it was copyrighted by being somebody’s intellectual property. Just give credit where credit is due when using free assets.

Most of them by law (depending on country / state) will have to state if it is copyrighted.

So what you’re saying is I shouldn’t be held liable if I get it from the toolbox as stated in my quote above? I get this from this line here:

You also mention this:

Which also makes me think that I cannot use it even if another user already uploaded it. Obviously if Roblox accepted it onto the platform and hasn’t removed it, I can assume it would be fine to use according to their ToS.

it appears my previous message has just been deleted without any notice, so i’ll recite it here;

You guys at roblox are ignorants, like the other “community sorts” before these, this one is filled with
copy-paste garbage, and content that has nothing to do with halloween at the time of this sort going live.

I really hope serious developers will start boycotting these “community sorts” as a means to wake you guys up.

I genuinely feel sorry for anyone that get’s blinded by these “chances” and applies their unpopular game, not knowing they won’t even be acknowledged.

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Hi minkmink,

I’m sorry you feel this way.
I can assure you that the experiences on the sort were sent in from the community via the survey in the original post and were vetted by DevRel. The experiences that were added to the sort had Halloween content within them.

We do checks every now and then to make sure the experiences within the sort still have Halloween content, if not they are taken off the sort. Yesterday I removed a couple of experiences that no longer had their Halloween content.

Please know that originally we had no plans to create a Halloween sort, this was planned and created on the day the sort came out.


Noticed that there was no longer a Hallowvember category. Has it been removed completely?

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Yes, it was a limited-time sort. It was taken down yesterday


In brief words - what I was trying to explain was use assets that are FREE within the toolbox, and providing credit where it is due (optional); as this is covered in the ToS on the Roblox platform where as outside assets can be covered by other law & licences. Just use common sense.


Oh my bad, it just didn’t really answer my question (because it didn’t really relate to my concern) but just ran around it. I appreciate you trying to tell me, which I’ll keep in mind for next time.

I hope anyone who got into this sort made good use of it.


No worries, hope you didn’t take it the wrong way. Just tryna help.

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I never applied but saw the sort anyway. Also why do you need to fill a whole survey just to see Hallowvember games?


The survey was to get your game to be a part of it, not see it. The original post explains this:


Oh my gosh, :man_facepalming: I’m so dumb :joy:

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