(CLOSED) Arriayuon | 2D Digital Artist's Commissions

:arrow_forward: Current Availability :arrow_backward:
My comms might go on and off due to Roblox’s update in group funds. It’s irritating waiting 14-15 days since I need front payment before starting comms ASAP. Since front payment may be optional, the chance of me and my comms getting scammed and stolen are tad high. If you’re still interested in my comms, do help me to find a solution transferring robux without declining.

Hello! I’m Arriayuon, short for Arria/Arri. I’m a 14 year old 2D illustrator. I’ve been experiencing digital art for 3-4 years and traditional art for relevantly more than 8 years. My specialty is coloring by illustrating messy visuals into art sorta! Currently, I use Medibangpaint to draw since it’s the only art program that I could co-operate comprehensibly, by the time I finish commission would atleast be around less than 3 days.(Depending on complexity)

Outside DevForum, here are multiple examples of my artworks I’ve done previously. It’s mostly came from my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arriayuon/

Currently, I could do:

  1. Personal artworks (such as Youtube banner, profile picture etc.) More information regarding of drawing your avatar(s): (CLOSED) Drawing your Avatar (Personal Artwork) | 2D Digital Art Commissions
  2. Concept artist (such as drawing concepts of character, animals etc.)
  3. Advertisement banners and game thumbnails
  4. Other stuff that could be implemented in 2D (such as badges, icons etc.)

What I CAN’T do:

  • I am unable to do vector images since I have 0 experiences in doing one whatsoever.
  • Graphic design (GUI) .If I ever did do one, the results would be toasted.
  • I may be poor at drawing buildings, furniture and mechanism stuff (such as mechs, cars etc.) If you commission me to do one, results might be wonky.

And, if there is a specific style you want me to do, drop it down so I could try to intimidate it.

I’m basically available nearly everyday. My timezone is GMT+8, so if I haven’t reply to your message it’s either that I’m busy or sleeping.

The prices usually depends on what you choose and how complicated you want it to be. Once the payment is accepted, I will need a front payment around 1/4 - 1/2, in order to prevent from scam/stealing activities. If this happens so, at least I got paid.

For now, I will only accept Robux through Group funds. Sorry in advance if you don’t own a group unless you know an alter way in transferring Robux to me personally without premium. I also won’t be accepting PayPal since I don’t own one.

The illustration above is what I will count as 1500 :robux_gold:. Depending on what the complexity you want, will estimate how much the payment will be.
For now I can’t work in a long-term development since I’m unable to work and contact as a full time art job.

Discord: Arriayuon#0389
Instagram: Arriayuon
Or, you could message me on Devforum.

Thanks for reading! If you have any problems,questions or criticisms regarding my commissions, let me know by commenting down below or DM me.


An honest review:

As a person who works with her for the past month, i could say her art is uniquely amazing. She is honest and would accept criticism and will try her best to adjust to it despite may took some time. I heavily suggest to commission her about profile pictures and concepts, as i saw she excel at those points. A person you wouldn’t regret hiring and worth to be considered if you want an art that stands out!


Really cool and unique style! Definitely stands out from the standard Roblox look!


Looks amazing!
Might have a future investment!