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Hello! I’m Aspecness and I’m 16. I started my journey on Roblox in 2012. I started building 3 years ago and feel I have come a long way. So now I’m taking commissions to build more experience. :grinning:

I usually work with cartoony styles, but can do realistic styles. I’m not looking the be apart of a dev team and I will not build in team create.


Here are some screenshots of my work

I am available from 1PM to 10PM everyday and my timezone is EST.

[Props] - 500 to 1k Robux
[Buildings] - 3k - 20k Robux
[Maps] - 20k - 50k Robux

(All prices are negotiable within the ranges above).

My preferred payment method is robux through group payouts and you must pay before I give you the product. You also must show proof of robux to prevent scamming.

You can DM me here or contact me through discord:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


duuude! these look great, nice job!

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Thank you for the compliment! :grin:

Commissions are still open! bump

Hm I’m interested I’ll send you something in messages.

Updated portfolio! [30 characters]

Updated again. bump bump bump!